SP-099: Polymer Modified Concrete

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Providing the latest advances in research, design and technology, this ACI symposium publication offers state-of-the-art information and greater insight into the latest use of polymer modified concrete and polymer concrete composites.A collection of 11 symposium papers, Polymer Modified Concrete deals exclusively with the various effects of polymers in concrete and provides an extensive source of reference. Bringing together expertise from around the world, case studies include: lightweight polymer concrete composites, polyester polymer concrete under flexural loading, flexure and bond in fiberglass-reinforced polymer concrete beams, and strength losses of polymer-modified concrete under wet conditions. Filled with illustrations, photos, and graphs, Polymer Modified Concrete provides in-depth answers to all of your questions.


Document Details

Publication Year: 1987

Pages: 214

ISBN: 9780870317279

Categories: Polymer Concrete

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents

-Use of Alternative Aggregates and Aggregate Gradings

in Trowel-Applied Polymer Concrete Floors, by

A. F. Bennett, W. R. Sharman, and I. D. MacGregor

-Creep Studies of Polyester Polymer Concrete Under Flexural

Loading, by N. Dharmarajan and C. D. Armeniades

-Electrically Conductive Polymer Concrete Coatings,

by J. J. Fontana

-Lightweight Polymer Concrete Composites, by J. J. Fontana,

M. Steinberg, and W. Reams

-Change of Mechanical Properties of PCC Due to Long

Time Exposure Conditions, by M. Gierloff and P. Schimmelwitz

-Furfuryl Alcohol Polymer Concretes for Use in All-Weather

Repairs of Concrete and Asphalt Surfaces, by L. E. Kukacka

and T. Sugama

-Mechanical and Durability Properties of a High Molecular

Weight Methacrylate Polymer Concrete, by R. G. Kushner,

D. W. Fowler, and D. L. Wheat

-Microstructure, Pore Characteristics, and Chloride Ion

Penetration in Conventional Concrete and Concrete Containing

Polymer Emulsions, by S.Marusin

-Incombustibility of Polymer Concretes Made With Wet

Aggregates, by Y. Ohama, M. Hamatsu, and M. Sugi

-Strength Losses of Polymer-Modified Concretes Under

Wet Conditions, by S. Popovics

-Flexure and Bond in Fiberglass-Reinforced Polymer Concrete

Beams, by N. Raazi, D. L. Wheat, and D. W. Fowler


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