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This ACI publication is a collection of over 40 papers from 10 different countries examining concrete in transportation-related applications. The combined expertise of representatives from industry, universities and government agencies is brought together, providing information and ideas on the design, use and performance of concrete in six different transportation-related areas. These six strategic areas include: concrete pavements, railroad systems, transit systems, concrete repair, bridges and marine structures. Concrete in Transportation will give the reader valuable information and substantial insight into the problems and solutions inherent in concrete and the infrastructure.


Document Details

Publication Year: 1986

ISBN: 9780870317224

Categories: Bridges

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents

-Design, Construction, and Performance of Four

Experimental Concrete Pavement Sections in Ontario, by

T. J. Kazmierowski, G. A. Wrong, and W. A. Phang

- An analysis of Routine Maintenance Effects of Rigid Pavements,

by T. F. Fwa and K. C. Sinha

- The Design and Application of Concrete Segmental Paving

in Transportation, by B. Shackel

- Thin Bonded Portland Cement Concrete Overlay as a

Solution to Interstate Highway Restoration, by G. W. Chase

and J. Lane

- Effects of Load- and Nonload-Related Factors on Rigid

Pavement Performance, by T. F. Fwa and K. C. Sinha

- Equation for Nonbonded Concrete Overlays, by Y. Chou

- Toughness of Steel Fiber Reinforced Polymer Cement

Matrix Composites, by Xu Bin-bin and Yao Lian

- Thin Mortar Overlay for Restoring Friction on Concrete

Pavements, by C. F. Scholer

- Roller Compacted Concrete for Heavy Duty Pavements:

Past Performance, Recent Projects, Recommended

Construction Methods, by R. W. Piggott

- Unshrinkable Fill of Utility Cut Restorations, by J. Emery

and T. Johnston

- An Experimental Overlay with Rolled Concrete, by

A. Josa, C. Jofre, and F. Molina

- The Design of Heavy Duty Industrial Concrete Pavements,

by B. Shackel

- Concrete Ties for U. S. Railroads--An Update, by A. N. Hanna

- Concrete Railroad Tie Development in Canada, by J. G. White

- Development of a Precast Prestressed Concrete Railway

Bridge Tie, by T. I. Campbell and M. S. Mirza

- Concrete Use in Railroad Right-of-Way, by E. B. Sheldon

- Concrete Ties for Transit Track--An Update, by A. N. Hanna

- Design and Construction of the Vancouver SkyTrain,

by J. Mandelli and A. Popoff

- Manufacture and Installation of Prestressed Concrete

Guideway Beams for the Vancouver ALRT, by P. Lowe

- Concrete Slab Track on the Long Island Rail Road, by

M. S. Longi

- Shear and Torsion Design of Dade County Rapid Transit

Aerial Guideways, by T. T. C. Hsu and C. S. Hwang

- Testing of Double-Tee Concrete Girders for Dade County

Rapid Transit System, by H. G. Russell, B. G. Rabbat, and

T. T. C. Hsu

- Quality Assurance for a Major Transportation Construction

Project, by A. J. Kirkness and J. S. Guarre

- Evaluation and Epoxy Injection Repair of the Pier B-C Structure

at Canada Place, Vancouver, B. C., Canada, by G. K. Gunnyon

and D. R. Morgan

-Polymer Concrete Overlays, by P. Mendis

- Mechanical Properties of Superplasticized Fiber Reinforce

Concrete Developed for Bridge Decks and Highway Pavements,

by P. Balaguru and V. Ramakrishnan

- Cathodic Protection of Bridges, by D. G. Manning and

H. C. Schell

- Repairs to International Control Dam--Niagara Falls, by

N. P. Bada

- Shear Failure of Reinforced Concrete Beams and Effect of

Repair by Epoxy Resin Injection, by Y. Ozaka and M. Suzuki

- Survey and Rehabilitation of Parking Garage Decks--a Case

Study, by H. Ainso and T. M. Tronzo

- Use of Concrete in the Annacis Bridge Main Span, by

P. Taylor, J. E. Torrejon, and K. Manniche

- Spliced Segmented Precast Concrete Bridges Using Staged

Post-Tensioning, by D. I. Harvey

- Production, Transportation, and Installation of Spliced

Prestressed Concrete 'I' Girders for the Annacis Channel

East Bridge, by S. L. Marshall and R. E. Pelkey

- Segmental Precast Culverts for the Coquihalla Freeway,

by R. H. Hebden

- Definition and Control of Surface Tolerances on Bridge

Decks and Textured Pavements During Construction, by

S. A. Face and W. G. Rooke

- Torsion in Prestressed Curved Bridges, by A. Ghali

- Precast Concrete for Underground Transport Systems,

by E. C. Lim

- The Possibilities for Floating Concrete Structures as a

Transportation Medium, by M. LaNier, W. Cichanski,

R. L. Wallace, and D. Magura

- Design and Construction of Floating Concrete Pontoons

for the Vesuvius to Crofton Ferry Terminals, by H. R. Woodhead

- Study on Temperature Stress and Cracking in Port and

Harbour Concrete Structures, by Y. Guohua


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