SP-090: Forming Economical Concrete Buildings

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A collection of 15 papers dealing with concrete formwork, this volume will prove invaluable to designers and constructors alike. With formwork representing anywhere from 35 to 60 percent of the cost of a concrete structure, formwork should be carefully considered when selecting building designs, layouts, structural member sizes and construction methods. Forming Economical Concrete Buildings will offer the reader substantial savings through the integration of the forming system into the total building process. Key subjects include: challenges in making concrete economical, effect of form tie selection on project cost; and quality management of accelerated construction.


Document Details

Publication Year: 1986

Pages: 280

ISBN: 9780870317194

Categories: Formwork

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents

- Challenges in Making Concrete Economical, by Russell

S. Fling

- Producing Architectural Concrete Using Plastic Form Liners

and High Density Overlaid Plywoods, by Jerome H. Ford

- Architectural Concrete: New York Exposition and Convention

Center, by Eliot Locitzer

- Designing with Plywood--Considerations for Selecting and

Using Plywood Correctly for Concrete Forming, by John V. Gould

- Dowel Bar Substitution: A Hidden Strength, by Harry B. Lancelot

- Effect of Form Tie Selection on Project Cost, by Frank T. Connors

- Worker Safety in Formwork Operations, by Raymond A. Jurewicz

- Method of Analysis for Shoring and Reshoring in Multistory

Buildings, by M. K. Hurd and P. D. Courtois

- Analysis of Shoring Loads and Slab Capacity for Multistory

Concrete Construction, by John L. Gross and H. S. Lew

- Reshoring a Multistory Concrete Frame--a Practical Approach

by W. Thomas Scott

- Comparison of Preshore and Reshore Procedures for Flat Slabs,

by N. J. Gardner and Chi-Sing Chan

- Quality Management of Accelerated Construction, by

James M. Shilstone, Sr.

- Forming Economical Concrete Buildings--Westbury

Condominium, Honolulu, Hawaii, by Stephen Timpson and

James M. Henry

- Cost of Reinforced Concrete High-Rise Columns, by

Muthiah Kasi

- A Study of the Formwork Design for lf-Aquitaine's World

Headquarters Building at La Defense, Paris, France, by

John G. H. Harrison


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