SP-089: Polymer Concrete: Uses, Materials and Properties

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A collection of 17 papers dealing exclusively with the various effects of polymers in concrete, this book provides an extensive source of reference material. Presents advances in research, development, and uses of polymers. Case studies cover the effect of moisture on the physical and durability properties of methyl methacrylate polymer concrete; machine application of polymer concrete for highway repairs, commercial applications of epoxies in construction, and polymer concrete for bridge rehabilitation.


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Publication Year: 1985

Pages: 346

ISBN: 9780870317187

Categories: Polymer Concrete

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents

-Marine Application of Polymer Concrete for Highway Repairs,

by Danny Marsh, W. J. Simonsen, and D. W. Fowler

-Corrosion Resistant Pipe Liners--Polymer Concrete, by

Albert O. Kaeding

-Polymer Impregnation and Polymer Concrete Repairs at

Grand Coulee Dam, by W. Glenn Smoak

-Shear Transfer Behavior in Concrete and Polymer Modified

Concrete Two-Layered Systems with Application to

Infrastructure Rehabilitation and New Designs, by

Edward G. Nawy

-The Effect of Moisture on the Physical and Durability

Properties of Methyl Methacrylate Polymer Concrete, by

Jack J. Fontana and Walter Reams

-Flexural Behavior of Reinforced Polymer-Portland Cement

Concrete Beams, by Mohamed A. H. Abdel-Halim and

Richard M. McClure

-Commercial Applications and Property Requirements for

Epoxies in Construction, by Peter Mendis

-Polymer Concrete (MMA) for Bridge Rehabilitation Applications,

by Arthur M. Dinitz and Russ Ferri

-Mechanical Properties of PIC Impregnated and Polymerized

Under High Pressure, by Yu Feixiong and Huang Yiun-yuan

-Tensile-Splitting Stress Distribution of Partially Polymer-

Impregnated Concrete Cylinders, by M. Kawakami,

H. Tokuda, K. Ishizaki, and M. Kagaya

-Modification of Portland Cement Concrete with Epoxy as

Admixture, by Sandor Popovics

-Development of Super-High-Strength Concrete Made with

Silica Fume Addition and Polymer Impregnation, by Y. Ohama,

K. Demura, and R. Muranishi

-Epoxy Modified Shotcrete, by H. Schorn

-Use of Acryl-Type Polymer as Admixture for Underwater

Concrete, by M. Sakuta, Y. Yoshioka, and T. Kaya

-Behavior of Joints Using Reinforced Polymer Concrete, by

R. John Craig, Ishac Kafrouni, Jean Souaid, Sitaram Mahadev,

and H. Wayne Valentine

-Properties of Polymer-Modified Mortars Using Powdered

Emulsions, by Y. Ohama and K. Shiroishida

-Creep and Fatigue of Polymer Concrete, by Michael Hsu and

David W. Fowler


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