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High-strength concretes are used frequently in applications requiring slender members to carry large loads or span long distances. Early applications of high-strength concrete emphasized its use to reduce column dimensions. High-strength concrete have been used to meet special project objectives such as large composite columns and stiffer structures. In turn, the use of high-strength concrete has prompted the applications of more stringent quality control requirements. This publication highlights the use, design implications, and research results of applications of high-strength concrete.


Document Details

Publication Year: 1985

Pages: 288

ISBN: 9780870317163

Categories: High Performance Concrete

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents

- 75-Story Texas Commerce Plaza, Houston--the Use of

High-Strength Concrete, by Joseph P. Colaco

- Impact of High-Strength Concrete on Design and Service

Behavior of Prestressed Precast Concrete Members, by

Alex Aswad and Weston T. Hester

- High-Strength Concrete in Seattle, by Kingsley D. Drake

- High-Strength Concrete: How to Use it Every Day, by

R. Lacroix and P. Jaugey

- Development and Experimental Use of a 90 MPa

(13,000 psi) Field Concrete, by Pierre-Claude Aitcin,

Pierre Laplante, and Claude Bedard

- Statistical Controls for High-Strength Concrete, by

F. David Anderson

- Design Implications of Current Research on High-Strength

Concrete, by Arthur H. Nilson

- High-Strength Concrete--Material Properties and Structural

Behavior, by R. N. Swamy

- Structural Bending Properties of High-Strength Concrete,

by S. E. Swartz, A. Nikaeen, H. D. Narayan Babu,

N. Periyakaruppan, and T. M. E. Refai

- Shear Tests of High- and Low-Strength Concrete Beams

with Stirrups, by Andrew G. Mphonde and Gregory C. Frantz

- Reinforced Corbels of High-Strength Concrete, by Y. K. Yong,

Douglas H. McCloskey, and Edward G. Nawy

- Lateral Reinforcement For High-Strength Concrete Columns,

by A. Fafitis and S.P. Shah

- Properties of High-Strength Fiber Reinforced Concrete, by

Antoine E. Naaman and Joseph R. Homrich

- Behavior of High-Strength Concrete Under Uniaxial and

Biaxial Compression, by Robert C. Chen, Ramon L. Carrasquillo,

and David W. Fowler


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