SP-086: Deflections of Concrete Structures

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Included in this publication are reports on temperature-induced deflections and observed deflections of reinforced concrete slab systems; measured and long-term deformations; deflection analysis of cable-stayed segmental prestressed concrete bridges; lateral stiffness characteristics of reinforced concrete frame-wall structures; rational deformation prediction of prestressed members; a study of service load deflections and ultimate load deflections of flat slab structures; probabilistic approach to deflection controlled reinforced concrete slab design; deformations and stresses in flanged concrete structures due to temperature differentials; structural serviceability under dynamic loading; and deflections of: partially prestressed members, waffle slabs, concrete slabs under construction loading, and cracked prestressed concrete members.


Document Details

Publication Year: 1985

Pages: 439

ISBN: 9780870317156

Categories: Deflections

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents

-ACI 435.7R-85: State-of-the-Art Report on Temperature-

Deflections of Reinforced Concrete Members, by ACI

Committee 435

-ACI 435.8R-85: Observed Deflections of Reinforced Concrete

Slab Systems, and Causes of Large Deflections, by ACI

Committee 435

-Measured and Predicted Long-Term Deformations In a

Tall Concrete Building, by Stephen L. Bakoss, Alan Burfitt,

Les Cridland, and Jack L. Heiman

-Deflection Analysis of Cable Stayed Segmental Prestressed

Concrete Bridges, M.S.Troitsky, Z. A. Zielinski, and K. N. Ashok

-Deflection Control and Code Provisions, by R. I. Gilbert and

B. V. Rangan

-Deflection of Cracked Prestressed Concrete Members,

by Maher K. Tadros and Amin Ghali

-Deflections of Concrete Slabs Under Construction Loading,

by Cameron J. Graham and Andrew Scanlon

-Deflection of Partially Prestressed Beams Under a Combination

of Long-Time and Short-Time Loading, by E. W. Bennett and

K. H. Lee

-Defection of Prestressed Concrete Beams with Openings, by

Teresinha do M. J. Alves and Andrew Scanlon

-Lateral Stiffness Characteristics of Reinforced Concrete

Frame-Wall Structures, by A. E. Aktan, V. V. Bertero, and

K. Sakino

-Rational Deformation Prediction of Prestressed Members,

by Alex Aswad

-Defection of Waffle Slabs Under Gravity and In-Plane Loads,

by Xuerun Ji, Sheng-Jin Chen, Ti Huang, and Le-Wu Lu

-A Study of Service Load Deflections and Ultimate Load

Deflections of Flat Slab Structures, by S. G. Gilbert, D. J. Cleland,

and A. E. Long

-Deflection of Partially Prestressed Members, by Dan E. Branson

and A. Fattah Shaikh

-An Explanation of Draft Australian Concrete Code Provisions for

Deflection and Serviceability, by P. F. Walsh

-Probabilistic Approach to Deflection Controlled Reinforced

Concrete Slab Design, by C. S. Putcha

-Deformation and Stresses in Flanged Concrete Structures

Due to Temperature Differentials, by Fahim A. Batla,

Patrick R. Reisnour, and Divakar V. Pathak

-Deflections of Reinforced Concrete Slabs, by Musa R. Resheidat

-Structural Serviceability Under Dynamic Loading, by A. Farah


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