SP-084: Earthquake Effects on Reinforced Concrete Structures -- U S Japan Research

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A joint U.S.-Japan cooperative earthquake engineering research program produced a series of papers published as 13 chapters in this volume. Included are: Static tests on shear walls and beamcolumn assemblies and study on correlation between shaking table tests and pseudo-dynamic tests; Construction and instrumentation of the full scale specimen; Comparison between the reinforced concrete test structure and design requirements from U.S. and Japanese Building Codes; Testing procedure and preliminary test results of a full scaleseven story reinforced concrete building; testing, repair and strengthening, and retesting of a full scale seven story reinforced concrete building; inelastic behavior of the seven story building; Analysis of the full scale seven story reinforced concrete test structure; medium scale wall assemblies: Comparison of analysis and test results; Full scale tests of beamcolumn joints; Scale model tests of Structural components and assemblies; and Earthquake simulation tests of scale models.


Document Details

Publication Year: 1984


Categories: Seismic & Lateral Forces

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents

-Introduction to U.S. - Japan Cooperative Earthquake Engineering Program

Author(s): J. Penzien, H. Umemura, M. Watabe, and R. Hanson

-Static Tests on Shear Walls and Beam-Column Assemblies and Study on Correlation Between Shaking Table Tests and Pseudo-Dynamic Tests

Author(s): H. Hlralshi, S. Nakata, Y. Kltagawa, and T. Kaminosono

-Construction and Instrumentation of the Full Scale Specimen

Author(s): J. Wight, S. Nakata, and T. Kaminosono

-Comparison Between the Reinforced Concrete Test Structure and Design Requirements from U.S. and Japanese Building Codes

Author(s): J. Wight, V. Bertero, and H. Aoyama

-Testing Procedure and Preliminary Test Results of a Full Scale Seven Story Reinforced Concrete Building

Author(s): T. Kaminosono, S. Okamoto, Y. Kltagawa, and M. Yoshlmura

-Testing, Repair and Strengthening, and Retesting of a Full Scale Seven Story Reinforced Concrete Bullding

Author(s): S. Okamoto, J. Wight, S. Nakata, M. Yoshlmura, and T. Kaminosono

-Inelastic Behavior of the Building

Author(s): M. Yoshlmura and Y. Kurose

-Analysis of the Full Scale Seven Story Reinforced Concrete Test Structure

Author(s): S. Otanl, T. KabeyaSawa, H. Shiohara, and H. Aoyama

-Medium Scale Wall Assemblies: Comparison of Analysis and Test Results

Author(s): B. Morgan, H. Hiraishi, and W.G. Corley


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