SP-070: Joint Sealing and Bearing Systems for Concrete Structures

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The proceedings of the World Congress on Joint Sealing and Bearing Systems for Concrete Structures reports on new developments and case histories. General subjects include: movements and forces, bearings, joints, materials, architectural applications, seismic considerations, pavements, and research and development.


Document Details

Publication Year: 1981


Categories: Joints

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents

Bridge Joints in a Seismic Area: A Case Study of the Dumbarton Bridge

Optimization of a Joint-Slab-Sealant System

Airfield and Road Pavement Use in the U. K. of High Performance Coal Tar Pitch PVC Joint Sealants, and a Comparison of U. K. and ASTM Standards

Sealing of Airfield and Highway Pavements Using Preformed Extruded Compression Joint Seals

Concrete Pavement Joints, Measurement of Deflection and Slab Rocking, Development of Load Transfer Device

From Past Achievements to New Challenges for Joints and Bearings

Transmission of Horizontal Forces and Movements by Bridge Bearings

Effect of Different Variables on Horizontal Movement of Concrete Pavement

Development of a Shear-Restricted Disc Bearing

Finite Element Analysis and Experimental Results Concerning Distribution of Stress Under Pot Bearings

Over 20 Years of Elastomeric Bearings Without Trouble: A Scheme for Safety and Reliability

Horizontal Movements and Bearing Layout in Curved Bridge Structures

Durability and Performance Criteria of Building Sealants

Load Transfer Through Sealed Joints: Stress-Strain Behavior of Sealants

Extruded Seals for Bridges and Structures

Urethane Sealants for Concrete Structures

Experience with Elastomeric Concrete Expansion Joint Transition Dams in Bridges

Corrugated Rubber Gland Strips for Sealing Bridges

Design Requirements of Elastomeric Bridge Expansion Joints

Development of the Steel-Reinforced Elastomeric Expansion Joint Seal

Design and Specification of Multiple Support Bar Equilibrium Control (MSBEC) Systems in Bridges

Additional Design Data Based on Full-Size Bridge Bearing Pads of Neoprene

Waterproofing Structural Concrete Decks over Occupied Space

Sealing Joints in Tunnels

New York State Goes MOD

Joint Reconstruction on the Tappan Zee Bridge

Construction Details Around Expansion Joints in a Bituminous Surfacing: A Technical Note

Distribution and Damping of Horizontal Force in Bridge Structures at Earthquake

Development and Field Performance of New ASTM Standards for Hot-Applied, Formed-in-Place Joint Sealants for Highway and Airfield Pavements

Genesis of Modern Sealand Techonology

Needs for International Standards for Joint Sealing Materials

Patent Law - Friend or Foe of Progress in Expansion Joints and Bearings

Concrete Bridge Articulation

Thermal Movements of Concrete Bridges: Field Measurements and Methods of Prediction

Movements of Concrete Facade Panels

Special Bearings for Johannesburg Freeway

Proof Testing of Extremely High-Loaded Bridge Bearings

Recent Experience in the Specification, Design, Installation, and Maintenance of Bridge Bearings

Practical Considerations in the Specification, Design, Manufacture, and Quality Control of Mechanical Bridge Bearings

Rubber Bearings for Economical Bridge Design

Anchoring of Bearings by Friction

Silicone Sealants for Use in Concrete Construction

Contractor's View of Current Specifications as a Guide to Performance

Anchorage of Edge Sections for Expansion Joints

Performance Specification for Bridge Deck Joint Sealing Systems

Requirements for Deck Joints in Highway Structures

Performance of Buried-Type Expansion Joints in Composite Viaduct Structures

Field Performance Laboratory Simulation Tests for and Bridge Sealers

Natural Rubber Structural Bearings

New Design Parameters for Elastomeric Bridge Bearings: What They Mean in Terms of Performance

Performance of Natural Rubber Bridge Bearing Pads - Current Laboratory Research

Principles for the Planning of Building Joints

Joints in Water-Retaining Structures

Joint Sealing Systems for Precast Concrete Tunnel Liners

Fifteen Year Condition Survey of Premolded Joint Seals in Cesery Boulevard Bridge

Selection of Bridge Deck joint Seals in Louisiana

Improved Bearing Design Concepts for Increased Seismic Resistance of Highway Bridges

Reduction of Major Seismic Forces with Bearings and Isolation Techniques: Alexisismon

Aseismic Base Isolation: Its History and Prospects

Studies in the Reinforcement of Bridge Seats Against Earthquake

Essential Elements for High Performance Joints Sealing and Resealing Portland Cement Concrete Pavements

Influence of Wind Speed on the Annual Range of Effective Bridge Temperature and Movement

Report of the Research and Development Session and Summation of the Congress


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