SP-065: Performance of Concrete in Marine Environment

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The performance of concrete in a marine environment has assumed importance with the discovery of offshore gas and oil deposits. A collection of 33 papers from 12 countries, which opens with a review of durability of concrete in sea water. This is followed by a series of papers dealing with permeability and physio-chemical studies of cement pastes, mortars, and concretes exposed to sea water. Other papers describe the mechanisms of corrosion of reinforcing steel, case histories of performance of concrete in sea water, accelerated tests, and repair techniques. Research reports cover performance of lightweight concrete in sea water and use of corrosion inhibitors.


Document Details

Publication Year: 1980

ISBN: 9780870317019

Categories: Marine Concrete

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents

- Durability of Concrete in Marine Environment--A Review, by P.

Kumar Mehta

- Permeability of Concrete in Sea Water, by Harvey

H. Haynes

- Mechanism of Sea Water Attack on Cement Mortar, by M. L.


- Physico-Chemical Studies of Cement Pastes, Mortars, and

Concretes Exposed to Sea Water, by M. Regourd

- Natural Weathering Exposure Station for Concrete and Concreting

Materials--Treat Island, Maine, by Henry T. Thorton, Jr.

- Current Program and Future Corps of Engineers Plans for the

Treat Island Exposure Station, by John M. Scanlon, Jr.

- Concrete Weathering at Treat Island, Maine, by Katharine Mather

- Study of Reinforced Concrete Beams Exposed to Marine

Environment, by Edward F. O'Neil

- Behavior of 20 Post-Tensioned Test Beams Subject to 2200

Cycles of Freezing and Thawing in the Tidal Zone at Treat Island,

Maine, by M. Schupack

- Durability of Concrete in Marine Environment Containing

Granulated Blast Slag, Fly Ash, or Both, by V. M. Malhotra,

G. G. Carette, and T. W. Bremner

- Mechanisms of Corrosion of Steel in Concrete in Relation to

Design, Inspection, and Repair of Offshore and Coastal

Structures, by Roger D. Browne

- Field Test of Reinforcement Corrosion in Concrete, by P. Fidjestol

and N.Nilsen

- Service Life of Structures with Regard to Corrosion of Embedded

Steel, by K. Tuutti

- Chloride Corrosion of Reinforcing Steel in Cracked Concrete, by

Kiyoshi Okada and Toyoaki Miyagawa

- Bond Deterioration Due to Corrosion of Reinforcing Steel, by

C. Y. Lin

- Marine Corrosion Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Exposed at

Tokyo Bay, by M. Makita, Y. Mori, and K. Katawaki

- Behavior of Sulfur-Infiltrated Concrete in Sodium Chloride

Solution, by R. L. Yuan and W. F. Chen

- Atlantic Region Cements: Past, Present, and Future, by

C. A. Eddy

- Long Term and Accelerated Tests of Resistance of Cements

to Sea Water, with Special Reference to Aluminous Cements,

by C. M. George

- Durability of Concrete in Sea Water: Method of Accelerated

Testing and Evaluation, by Shinzo Nishibayashi, Kiyoshi

Yamura, and Shoichi Inoue

- Accelerated Test Method for Durability of Cement Mortars in

Sea Water, by Yoshio Kasai and Noboru Nakamura

- The United Kingdom Concrete-in-the-Oceans Program,

by J. V. Sharp and P. Pullar-Strecker

- Fatigue of Reinforced Concrete in Sea Water, by W. S.


- Durability of Concrete Structures Along the North Coast of

The Netherlands, by J. G. Wiebenga

- Performance of Typical Protection Methods for Reinforced

Concrete in Marine Environment, by M. Makita, Y. Mori,

and K. Katawaki

- Durability of Reinforced Concrete Elements and Structures

Place by Tremie in the Sea and with Slipforms by the Sea,

by Jovo Beslac, Dubravka Bjegovic, and Marko Hranilovic

- Performance of Mortar Specimens in Chemical and Accelerated

Marine Exposure, by V. D. Vanden Bosch

- Shotcrete Repairs of Concrete Structures in Marine Environment,

by Joseph I. Heneghan

- Repair of Concrete in Tropical Marine Environment, by

Guido W. Geymayr

- Deterioration and Repairs of Navigation Lock Concrete, by Ernest

Schrader, James Dikeou, and Dwight Gill

- Research Requirements for Concrete in Marine Environments,

by Ben C. Gerwick, Jr.

- Performance of Structural Lightweight Concrete in a Marine

Environment, by T. A. Holm

- Influence of Ca(NO2)2 on Sea Water Corrosion of Reinforcing

Steel in Concrete, by William H. Hartt and Arnold M.



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