SP-064: Cedric Willson Symposium on Expansive Cement

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This symposium of 16 papers covers international developments, field service reports on existing installations and research. Reports on applications of shrinkage-compensating concrete in hydraulic structures, cold storage warehouse, slabs, bridge decks, oil well cementing, post-tensioned structures.


Document Details

Publication Year: 1980

Pages: 336

ISBN: 9780870317026

Categories: Expansive Cement

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents

- The Future of Expansive Cement, by Bryant Mather

- Hydraulic Structures Designed with Shrinkage-

Compensating Concrete, by Joe V. Williams, Jr.

- Utilization of Shrinkage-Compensating Concrete--A Cold

Storage Warehouse Application, by Charles A. Gaskill

and Richard C. Jacobs

- Use of Shrinkage-Compensating Cement Concrete in the

Dallas Municipal Center, by Jack E. Rosenlund

- Expansive Cement Concretes in Japan, by Shigeyoshi


- Performance of Shrinkage-Compensating Concretes in Slabs,

by H. G. Russell

- Tidal Exposure Effects on Concrete Made with Shrinkage

-Compensating Concrete, by G. B. Moore

- Expansion-Shrinkage, creep, and Elastic Modulus of

Shrinkage-Compensating Gap-Graded Concrete, by Shu-t'ien

and V. Ramakrishnan

- A Look at Type K Shrinkage-Compensating Cement Production

and Specifications, by George C. Hoff and Katharine Mather

- Summary Report on Type K. Shrinkage-Compensating Concrete

Bridge Deck Installations in the State of Ohio, by David O. Lower

- Shrinkage-Compensating Cements in Oil Well Cementing,

by D. G. Calvert

- Portland Cement Versus Expansive Cement in Post-Tensioned

Concrete Structures, by Mark W. Hoffman

- Field Study of Shrinkage-Compensating Cement Concrete,

by Frank A. Randall, Jr.

- Crack Control for Spillway Chute at Ririe Dam, by Richard

A. Kaden and E. K. Schrader

- Behavior of Shrinkage-Compensating Concretes Suitable

for Use in Bridge Decks, by Robert W. Cusick and Clyde E. Kesler

- Method of Estimating Expansive Strains Produced in Reinforced

Concrete Members Using Expansive Cement Concrete, by

Yukikazu Tsuji.


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