SP-61: Ferrocement--Materials and Applications

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The eleven papers include an historical overview of ferrocement, structural properties useful to engineers, laboratory tests, research on properties, and applications. A bibliography is included.


Document Details

Publication Year: 1979

Pages: 204

ISBN: 9780870317002

Categories: Ferrocement

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents

- Ferrocement--Past and Present, by Gajanan M. Sabnis

- Survey of Mechanical Properties of Ferrocement as a

Structural Material, by Gordon B. Batson, Gajanan M. Sabnis

and Antoine E. Naaman

- Design Predictions of Crack Widths in Ferrocement,

by Antoine E. Naaman

- Study of Tensile Cracks and Bond-Slip in Ferrocement,

by Ricardo P. Pama, Vorachai Intargumhaeng, and

Bishwendu K. Paul

- Development of Fibrous Ferrocement, by Maurice Atcheson

and Douglas Alexander

- Tentative Recommendations for the Construction of

Ferrocement Tanks, by S. P. Shah

- Grading Design of Sand for Ferrocement Mixes, by Z. Raichvarger

and M. Raphael

- Ferrocement Service Modules for Housing, by

A. G. Madhava Rao, D. S. Ramchandra Murthy, R. Jayaraman,

and G. Paul Joseph

- Applications of Ferrocement in Low-Cost Housing in Mexico,

by Jose Castro

- Corrugated Ferrocement Sheets, by P. Srinivasa Rao and

M. S. Mathews

- Research Needs and the Future of Ferrocement, by James

P. Romualdi

- Bibliography on Ferrocement--Materials and Applications,

by Gajanan M. Sabnis, Gordon B. Batson, Antoine E. Naaman, and

Ricardo P. Pama


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