SP-055: Douglas McHenry International Symposium on Concrete and Concrete Structures

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This symposium volume was conceived as a tribute to Douglas McHenry in recognition of his outstanding contributions to concrete engineering. The 10 papers dealing with plain concrete and the 14 papers dealing with concrete structures reflect the needs of advanced technological development for the concrete industry. The theme of the symposium was concrete and concrete structures in severe environments and/or complex loading conditions. Papers deal with effects of transient high temperatures, cryogenic temperatures, nuclear radiation, with prediction of overall structural behavior in fires, earthquakes, and with behavior of elements under complex loading conditions.


Document Details

Publication Year: 1978

Pages: 684

ISBN: 9780870316982

Categories: Seismic & Lateral Forces

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents

- Creep and Shrinkage of Aging Concrete, by K. S. Pister,

J. H. Argyris, and K. J. William

- Creep of Concrete under Various Temperature, Moisture,

and Loading Conditions, J. E. McDonald

- Effect of Temperature, Stress Level, and Age at Loading

on Creep of Sealed Concrete, by J. Komendant, V. Nicolayeff,

M. Polivka, and D. Pirtz

- Mechanism of Cyclic Creep of Concrete, by A. M. Neville

and G. A. Hirst

- Strength of Concrete under Multiaxial Stress States, by

Kurt H. Gerstle, Diethelm L. Linse, Paolo Bertacchi,

M. D. Kotosovos, Hon-Yim Ko, John B. Newman, Pio Rossi,

Gerald Schickert, Michael A. Taylor, Leonard A. Traina,

Roger M. Zimmerman, and oberto Bellotti

- The Nature of Mass Concrete in Dams, by Jerome M. Raphael

- Stress-Strain Characteristics of High-Strength Concrete,

by P. H. Kaar, N. W. Hanson, and H. T. Capell

- A Constitutive Law for Concrete at Transient High Temperature

Conditions, by Y. Anderberg and S. Thelandersson

- Properties of Concrete at Very Low Temperatures, by

Sho Yamane, Hideo Kasami, and Toru Okuno

- The Effects of Nuclear Radiation on the Mechanical Properties

of Concrete, by H. K. Hilsdorf, J. Kropp, and H. J. Koch

- Effects of Normal and Extreme Environment on Reinforced

Concrete Structures, by Boris Bresler and Robert H. Iding

- Shrinkage and Creep in Indeterminate Structures,

Kin Leung Lai and Robert F. Warner

-Time-Dependent Stresses in Heated Concrete Structures,

Ian J. Jordaan and Magdi M. A. Khalifa

- Time-Dependent Behavior of Columns in Water Tower Place,

by H. G. Russel and W. G. Corley

- Deformations in Service of Reinforced Concrete Columns,

by R. N. Swamy and P. Arumugasaamy

- An Analytical Approach to Fire Engineering Design of

Concrete Structures, by Y. Anderberg, S. E. Magnusson,

O. Pettersson, S. Thelandersson, and U. Wickstrom

- Fire-Exposed Hyperstatic Concrete Structures: An Experimental

and Theoretical Study, by Y. Anderberg

- Stochastic Analysis of Load-Carrying Capacity and

Deformational Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Members

under Direct and Indirect Loadings, by Gerd Thielen

- Field Measurements on Subsequently Strengthened Concrete

Slabs, by M. Ladner

- Bond Slip and Strength of Lapped Bar Splices, by M. Betzle

- Strength of Prestressed Solid and Hollow Beams Subjected

Simultaneously to Torsion, Shear, and Bending, by J. Misic

and J. Warwaruk

- A Variable Angle Space Truss Model of Structural Concrete

Members Subjected to Complex Loading, by Basile G. Rabbat

and Michael P. Collins

- Prediction of Response of Concrete Buildings to Severe

Earthquake Motion, by Sigmund A. Freeman

- Destructive Vibration Test of a 4-Story Concrete Structure,

by C. K. Chen, R. M. Czarnecki, and R. Escm. Scholl


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