SP-357: Punching Shear of Concrete Slabs: Insights from New Materials, Tests, and Analysis Methods

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The design, analysis, and performance of structural concrete slabs under punching shear loading conditions are topics that have been studied extensively over many decades and are well documented in the literature. However, the majority of the work reported in these areas is generally related to conventional concrete slabs subjected to highly idealized loading conditions.

Structural engineers need to find new, innovative ways and methods to design new structures but also to strengthen existing infrastructure to ensure safety, resilience, and sustainability. These challenges can be addressed through the use of integrated systems and high-performance technologically advanced materials. We live in a new era of improved computational capabilities, advances in high-performance computing, numerical and experimental methods, and data-driven techniques, which give us broader access to larger and better data sets and analysis tools. These new advancements are essential to develop deeper insights into the structural behavior of concrete slabs under punching shear and to implement and analyze new materials and loading conditions.

This Special Publication presents recent punching shear research and insights relating to topics that have historically received less attention in the literature and/or are absent from existing codified design procedures. Topics addressed include: the usage and impacts of alternative/modern construction materials (new concrete and concrete-like materials, nonmetallic reinforcement systems, and combinations thereof) on slab punching shear resistance, novel shear reinforcement or strengthening systems, the influence of highly irregular/nonuniform loading and support conditions on slab punching shear, impact loading, new design and analysis techniques, and the study of the punching shear behavior of footings.

This Special Publication will be of interest to designers who are often faced with punching-related design requirements that fall outside of traditional research areas and existing code provisions, as well as for researchers who are performing research in related areas.

Perspectives from a broad and international group of authors are included in this Special Publication, relating to a variety of punching-related problems that occur in research and practice. In particular, researchers from the United States, Canada, Ecuador, the Netherlands, Italy, Brazil, Israel, Portugal, Spain, the United Arab Emirates, and Germany contributed to the articles in this Special Publications.

To exchange views on the new materials, tests, and analysis methods related to punching, Joint ASCE-ACI Committee 421, “Design of Reinforced Concrete Slabs;” Joint ASCE-ACI Committee 445, “Shear and Torsion;” and subcommittee ACI 445-C, “Punching Shear,” organized two sessions titled “Punching shear of concrete slabs: insights from new materials, tests, and analysis methods” at the ACI Spring Convention 2023 in San Francisco, CA. This Special Publication contains several technical papers from experts who presented their work at these sessions, in addition to papers submitted for publication only.

Co-editors Dr. Katerina Genikomsou, Dr. Trevor Hrynyk, and Dr. Eva Lantsoght are grateful for the contributions of the authors and sincerely value the time and effort of the authors in preparing the papers in this volume, as well as of the reviewers of the manuscripts.

Aikaterini Genikomsou, Trevor Hrynyk, and Eva Lantsoght



Document Details

Author: ACI Committees 421, 445, and 445C

Publication Year: 2023

Pages: 263

ISBN: 9781641952125

Formats: Protected PDF/Web View

Table of Contents


Effect of the Shear Reinforcement Anchorage and Detailing on the Punching Resistance of Flat Slabs

Authors: Guilherme S. Melo, Maurício P. Ferreira, Henrique J. Lima, Manoel M. Pereira-Filho, Victor H. Oliveira, João P. Siqueira, and Rodolfo Palhares



Punching Capacity of Spread Footings Using ACI 318-19 and the Strip Model

Authors: Scott Alexander, Carlos Ospina, and Eva Lantsoght



Review of Key Parameters Affecting Punching Shear Strength of Post-Tensioned Slabs

Authors: Madhura Sanjay Chavan and Mary Beth Hueste



New Insights into Punching Shear under Impact Loading

Authors: D. Z. Yankelevsky, V. R. Fledgun, and Y. S. Karinski



Long-Term and Corrosion Effects on the Punching Shear Resistance of RC Flat Slabs Subjected to Sudden Column Loss

Authors: Simone Ravasini, Francesca Vecchi, Beatrice Belletti, and Nicolò Bonati



Shear and Punching Capacity Predictions for Slabs under Concentrated Loads Aided by LEFEA

Authors: Alex de Sousa, Eva Lantsoght, Andri Setiawan, and Mounir El Debs



Seismic Behavior of Slab-Column Connections Using High Performance Fiber Reinforced Concretes

Authors: António Ramos, Brisid Isufi, and Rui Marreiros



Punching-Shear Strength of Reinforced Concrete Slabs Subjected to Concentric Transverse Loads and In-Plane Tensile Forces

Authors: Antonio Marí, Pablo G. Fernández, Eva Oller, and Antoni Cladera



Punching Shear in Prestressed Concrete Deck Slabs: A Comprehensive Study

Authors: Sana Amir, Cor van der Veen, Joost Walraven, and Ane de Boer



Influence of Slab Openings on the Punching Shear Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Slabs Supported on L-Shaped Columns

Authors: Graeme J. Milligan and Maria Anna Polak



Nonlinear FEA of Flat Plates with Non-Uniform Connection Stresses

Authors: Reza Abolhelm and Trevor D. Hrynyk



Influence of Unbalanced Moment on Punching Shear Behavior of Footings

Authors: Jan Ungermann, Matthias Kalus, and Josef Hegger



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