SP-352: Live Load Distribution on Concrete Bridges: Design, Evaluation, Construction, Innovation

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In recent years, both researchers and practicing engineers worldwide have been investigating the effect of live load distribution on concrete bridges during design, evaluation, and construction. Papers discussing live load distribution issues and innovation for concrete bridge decks and/or supporting girders were considered for inclusion in this Special Publication. Papers in the following areas of interest were sought: AASHTO methodology, other available codes/specification provisions, simplification of the AASHTO methodology, traffic non-parallel to girders, construction stage issues, partial composite deck-girder systems, long-span girders, slab-span structures, and bridges with missing as-built plans.

To exchange international experiences among a global group of researchers, ACI Committees 343 and 342 organized two sessions entitled “Live Load Distribution on Concrete Bridges: Design, Evaluation, Construction and Innovation” at the Fall 2021 ACI Virtual Convention. This Special Publication contains the technical papers from experts who presented their work at these sessions. The first session was focused on girder bridges and the second session was focused on non-girder bridges. The technical papers in this Special Publication are organized in the order in which they were presented at the ACI Convention.

Overall, in this Special Publication, authors from different backgrounds and geographical locations share their experiences and perspectives on how live load distribution affects concrete bridges during design, evaluation, and construction. Contributions were made from different regions of the world, and the technical papers were authored by experts at universities, government agencies, and private companies.

The co-editors, Dr. Nur Yazdani and Dr. Benjamin Dymond, are grateful for the contributions from the Special Publication authors and sincerely value the time and effort of the authors in preparing the papers in this volume. Furthermore, the Special Publication would not have been possible without the effort expended by the experts who peer reviewed the papers in this volume.


Document Details

Author: ACI Committees 342 and 343

Publication Year: 2022

Pages: 162

ISBN: 9781641951777

Formats: Protected PDF/Web View

Table of Contents


Live Load Distribution in a Slab-on-Girder Bridge Subjected to Corrosion and Differential Settlement

Authors: Jun Wang and Yail J. Kim



Load Testing of a Deteriorated Prestressed Concrete Girder Bridge Without Plans

Authors: Sebastián Castellanos-Toro, Diana Millán, Albert R. Ortiz, Johannio Marulanda,

Peter Thomson, and Eva O.L. Lantsoght



Evaluation of Live Load Distribution Factors for Aging Prestressed Concrete Bridges

Authors: He Zhang, Peng Lou, and Hani Nassif



Live Load Distribution Factors for a Partially Composite I-Girder Bridge

Authors: Ikram Efaz, Nur Yazdani, and Eyosias Beneberud



Live Load Distribution of Slab-on-Girder Bridges Using Vision-based Measurements

Authors: Monique Head and Luke Timber



Effects of Barriers on Load Distribution in a Concrete Slab Span Bridge

Authors: Kendall Hill, Ben Dymond, Brock Hedegaard, and Lauren Linderman



Diagnostic Load Testing and Refined Analysis of Concrete Box Culverts

Authors: Amir Gheitasi, Christopher R. Gentz, Andrew J. Foden, and Biniam Aregawi



Live Load on Concrete Bridge Decks

Authors: Sylwia Stawska, Jacek Chmielewski, and Andrzej S. Nowak



Field Testing and Refined Load Rating of a Concrete Pan Girder Bridge

Authors: Nuzhat Kabir, Tevfik Terzioglu, Mary Beth D. Hueste, Stefan Hurlebaus,

John B. Mander, and Stephanie G. Paal



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