SP-333: Advances in Concrete Bridges: Design, Construction, Evaluation, and Rehabilitation

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Sponsors & Editors: Sponsored by ACI Committees 342, 343, and 345

Editors: Yail J. Kim, John J. Myers, and Antonio Nanni




Concrete bridges play an important role in the efficiency and reliability of transportation civil infrastructure. Significant advancements have been made over the last decades to enhance the performance and durability of bridge elements at affordable costs. From an application perspective, novel analysis techniques and construction methods are particularly notable, which have led to the realization of more sustainable built-environments. As far as the evaluation and rehabilitation of constructed bridges are concerned, new nondestructive testing approaches provide accurate diagnosis and advanced composites, such as carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP), have become an alternative to conventional materials. This Special Publication (SP) contains nine papers selected from two technical sessions held at The ACI Concrete Convention and Exposition – Spring 2018, in Salt Lake City, UT. The objective of the SP is to present technical contributions aimed to understand the state of the art of concrete bridges, identify and discuss challenges, and suggest effective solutions for both practitioners and government engineers. All manuscripts were reviewed in accordance with the ACI publication policy. The Editors wish to thank all contributing authors and reviewers for their rigorous efforts. The Editors also gratefully acknowledge Ms. Barbara Coleman at ACI for her knowledgeable guidance in the development of the SP.


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Pages: 182

ISBN: 9781641950787

Categories: Bridges, Construction & Installation, Design

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents


A Numerical Analysis Methodology for the Strengthening of Deep Cap Beams (1-18)

Authors: Rafael A. Salgado and Serhan Guner


Surrogate Modeling for Self-Consolidating Concrete Characteristics Estimation for Efficient Prestressed Bridge Construction (19-39)

Authors: Junwon Seo and Jharna Pokhrel


On the Application of Basalt-Fiber Reinforced Polymer (BFRP) Bars to Prestressed Slab Elements Typical of the Precast Concrete Industry (40-59)

Authors: Bruno Dal Lago, Davide Bisi and Liberato Ferrara


Monitoring and Rehabilitation of Damaged Bridge Beam of Middle Ring Road in Shanghai (60-79)

Authors: Huayong Wu, Rongxin Zhao, and Yun Xing


Seismic Experiments and Analysis of Repaired Bridge Columns Using CFRP Donut (80-95)

Authors: Ruo-Yang Wu and Chris P. Pantelides


Pedestrian Bridge as Clarifying Example of FRP-RC/PC Design (96-118)

Authors: Marco Rossini, Saverio Spadea, Antonio Nanni


Shear Tests on Prestressed Concrete Continuous Beams (119-135)

Authors: Martin Herbrand, Viviane Adam, Josef Hegger


Concrete Beams with Fully Corroded Steel Repaired with CFRP Laminates (136-158)

Authors: Needa Lingga, Yasir Saeed, Anas Yosefani, and Franz Rad


Rational Fuzzy Logic Condition Rating Model of Reinforced Concrete Bridge Decks Using Nondestructive Testing and Visual Inspection (159-174)

Authors: Tarek Omar and Moncef L. Nehdi


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