SP-330: Recent Advances in Concrete Technology and Sustainability Issues Proceedings Fourteenth International Conference Beijing, China

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Author: Tongbo Sui, Terence C. Holland, Ziming Wang, Xiaolong Zhao


In October 30 to November 2, 2018, the CCS and the China Academy of Building Research (CABR), Beijing China, in association with the COIC sponsored the Fourteenth International Conference on Recent Advances in Concrete Technology and Sustainable Issues in Beijing, China. The proceedings of the Conference consisting of 19 refereed papers were published by the ACI as SP 330. In addition to the refereed papers, more than 52 papers were presented at the conference, and these were published in the supplementary papers volume.


Document Details

Publication Year: 2018

Pages: 232

ISBN: 9781641950305

Categories: Concrete Technology

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents

SP-330-01 1

Degradation Process of Cementitious Materials with Copper Slag Subjected to Sodium Sulfate Attack under Drying-Wetting Cycles

by Huashan Yang and Yujun Che

SP-330-02 11

The Influence of Alkalinity on the Properties of the Accelerated Cement Pastes

by Zhenping Sun, Chao Chen, Yanliang Ji, Xu Yang, Yuansong Sun, and Lelin Wu

SP-330-03 21

Absolute Volume Change of Portland Cement Studied by Helium Pycnometry

by Zhenping Sun, Xu Yang, Juntao Tian, Haijing Yang, Yanliang Ji, and Kuangyi Hu

SP-330-04 31

Natural Rubber Latex as Admixture for Polymer Concrete

by My Linh Vo and Johann Plank

SP-330-05 43

Compressive Strength and Durability of Concrete Made with Combined Cementitious Materials

by Chengning Wu and Junqing Xin

SP-330-06 55

Relationships of Diffusivities and Age Factors between Analytical and Empirical Chloride Models for Decreasing Diffusivities

by Shengjun Zhou

SP-330-07 67

High-Performance Steel Fiber-Reinforced Concrete for Lining Construction of Mines Using Ground Freezing Method

by Qian Wang, Shaowei Yang, Lei Guo, and Chunzhen Li

SP-330-08 77

Resistance of Hybrid Cement after 5 Years of Exposure to 5% Na2SO4

by Ivan Janotka, Pavel Martauz, and Michal Bacuvcík

SP-330-09 93

Rapid Strength Concrete for Rehabilitation of Transportation Infrastructure

by B. Stein, R. Ryan, Y. Bu, and K. Vallens

SP-330-10 107

One-Part Alkali-Activated Slag Cement for Conservation of Existing Structures

by Luigi Coppola, Denny Coffetti, and Elena Crotti

SP-330-11 123

Research on the Use of MSWI Bottom Ash Mixed Sand in Concrete

by HU Hong-mei, LUO De-fu, WAN Hui-bao, FU Rong-xing, and Cheng Yao

SP-330-12 135

Power Ultrasound-Assisted Concrete Production—Workability, Strength Development, and Durability

by Ricardo Remus, Christiane Roessler, and Horst Michael Ludwig

SP-330-13 151

Bacteria-Based Self-Healing Concrete: Effect of Bio-agents on the Cementitious Matrix

by Jianyun Wang, Nico Boon, and Nele De Belie

SP-330-14 163

Sustainable Ready Mixed Concrete Production Using Waste CO2: A Case Study

by Sean Monkman

SP-330-15 175

Mechanical and Durability Properties of Coral Aggregate Concrete

by Wen Zhou, Yongxiang Zhou, Peng Feng, Zuqi Wang, Jing Wang, and Putao Song

SP-330-16 189

Calcined Clay-Based Mineral Addition for the Production of Structural Concrete

by J. Fernando Martirena, Eilys Valdes, Adrian Alujas, and Karen Scrivener

SP-330-17 197

Effect of Si/Al on the Buildability of Geopolymer Printing 197

by Dongmin Wang and Dawang Zhang

SP-330-18 205

Sulfate Resistance and Hydration Products of Steam Cured GGBFS Blended Cement Mortar

by Baoliang Li, Binbin Huo, and Yamei Zhang

SP-330-19 219

A Dual-Functional Intervention Method for Sea-Sand Concrete Structure

by Ji-Hua Zhu, Zhi Wang, Wanqian Li, Hanshi Liang, Zhiwen Zeng, Mei-ni Su, Dawang Li, and Feng Xing


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