SP-307: Shrinkage Compensating Concrete - Past, Present, and Future

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Editor: Chris Ramseyer


With the exception of #9, these Papers were presented at: ACI National Convention, Fall 2012 Toronto, Canada. In the Technical Session Shrinkage Compensating Concrete – Past, Present, and Future Part 1 and Part 2.

This publication is dedicated to Edward K. Rice

Ed Rice has been involved in Shrinkage Compensating Concrete from its inception. As co-founder and President of T.Y. Lin and Associates from 1952 through 1970 Ed Rice promoted the novel use of concrete and concrete systems. As early as 1956 T.Y. Lin and Ed Rice provided the necessary funding for fundamental research by Alex Klein on expansive cements. This research led to the development of the Chemically Prestressed Concrete (CPC) co that was primarily in the pipe and roof slab business. In 1965 under Ed Rice’s direction as Chairman of CPC, Ed licensed Kaiser to run the first full scale burn at their Cushenberry cement plant and commercially produce the first shrinkage compensating concrete clinker in the world.

In the fifty years since the first production run of shrinkage compensating cement Ed Rice has consistently worked to advance concrete cement technology. He holds 22 US patents in the field of concrete and building technology. For the last forty years Ed Rice has led CTS Cement Manufacturing Co., the largest producer of shrinkage compensating cement in North America. Often Ed Rice worked behind the scenes helping to promote shrinkage compensating concrete and the work of younger engineers. Ed Rice has been a consistent and steady advocate for both increased research on the behavior of shrinkage compensating cements; and increased use of shrinkage compensating concrete to produce stable and durable concrete structures.


Document Details

Publication Year: 2016

Pages: 160

ISBN: 9781942727705

Categories: Shrinkage Compensating Concrete

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents


History of Shrinkage Compensating Cement

Author: Edward K. Rice


A Look Back at 1974 Type K Cements

Author: George C. Hoff


Behavior of Type K Shrinkage Compensating Concrete Under Various Forms of Mechanical Restraint

Authors: Chris Ramseyer and Seth Roswurm


Dimensional Stability of Concrete Slabs on Ground

Authors: Shideh Shadravan, Thomas H.K. Kang, and Chris Ramseyer


Extending Joint Spacing with Shrinkage Compensating Concrete

Authors: Ed McLean and Seth Roswurm


600 Crack Free Bridges Using Shrinkage Compensating Concrete

Authors: Ed McLean, Chris Ramseyer, and Seth Roswurm


Behavior of Shrinkage Compensating Concrete in an Unrestrained and Restrained Environment

Authors: Chris Ramseyer and Kyle Renevier


Evaluation of the Robustness of Shrinkage Compensating Concrete Repair Concretes Prepared with Expansive Components

Authors: Chris Ramseyer and Seth Roswurm


Experiences on the Use of Expansive Component Type G in Mexico

Authors: Kyle Renevier, Lawrence Valentine, and Chris Ramseyer


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