SP-306: Analytical and Finite Element Concrete Material Models - Comparison of Blast Response Analysis of One Way Slabs

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Editors: Ganesh Thiagarajan and Eric Williamson


The mission of ACI-ASCE Committee 447 is to develop and report information on the application of finite element analysis methods to concrete structures. The mission of ACI 370 is to develop and report information on the design of concrete structures subjected to blast, impact, and other short-duration dynamic loads. In this Special Publication (SP) and the accompanying presentations made at the ACI Fall 2013 Convention in Phoenix, Arizona, these committees have joined efforts to report on the state of practice in determining the Behavior of Concrete Structures Subjected to Blast and Impact Loadings. Recently, the (2008-2014) National Science Foundation (NSF) funded a study by University of Missouri Kansas City (UMKC) (CMMI Award No: 0748085, PI: Ganesh Thiagarajan) to perform a series of blast resistance tests on reinforced concrete slabs. Based on these results, a Blast Blind Simulation Contest was sponsored in collaboration with American Concrete Institute (ACI) Committees 447 (Finite Element of Reinforced Concrete Structures) and 370 (Blast and Impact Load Effects) and UMKC School of Computing and Engineering. The goal of the contest was to predict the response of reinforced concrete slabs subjected to a specified blast load using a variety of simulation methods. The blast experiments were performed using a Shock Tube (Blast Loading Simulator) located at the Engineering Research and Design Center, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at Vicksburg, Mississippi.

Over 40 entries were received from researchers and practitioners worldwide; the competition was open to methods used in both research and practice. There were four categories in the contest: 1) Advanced Modeling of slabs with Normal Strength Concrete and Normal Strength Steel, 2) Analytical or Single-Degree-of-Freedom (SDOF) Modeling of slabs with Normal Strength Concrete and Normal Strength Steel, 3) Advanced Modeling of slabs with High Strength Concrete and High Strength Steel, and 4) Analytical or SDOF Modeling of slabs with High Strength Concrete and High Strength Steel. The first- and second-place winners were invited to present their work at the Fall 2013 convention. Furthermore, all teams were invited to submit papers for this SP, and original experimental data were provided to allow the teams to compare their results with those measured. This SP is a result of all the papers that were submitted and reviewed in accordance with ACI peer review requirements. In this SP, there are three papers from academic researchers and six from industry personnel, providing a healthy cross section of the community that works in this area.

The editors gratefully acknowledge all the hard work by the authors, the reviewers, and ACI staff, especially Ms. Barbara Coleman, who have helped very enthusiastically during every stage of the process. The editors also thank members of ACI Committees 447 and 370 for their continuous support in reviewing the papers.


Document Details

Publication Year: 2016

Pages: 220

ISBN: 9781942727774

Categories: Blast Resistance, Finite Element Analysis

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents


Parameters Influencing Finite Element Results for Concrete Structures

Authors: Joseph M. Magallanes, Youcai Wu, Shengrui Lan, and John E. Crawford


Numerical Computation of Reinforced Concrete Slabs Subjected to Blast


Authors: Ran Ganel, Eytan Kochavi, and Gabi Ben-Dor


Numerical Modelling For Reinforced Concrete Response to Blast Load: Understanding The Demands On Material Models

Authors: Jiaming Xu and Yong Lu


Blast Response Simulation of Reinforced Concrete Panels Bridges over State Ave in Kansas City, KS

Authors: Ravi Mullapudi and Yavuz Mentes


Modeling The Response of Concrete Slabs Under Blast Loading

Authors: Pierluigi Olmati, Patrick Trasborg, Clay Naito, Luca Sgambi, and

Franco Bontempi


Simulation of Concrete Slabs Subjected To Blast Using The Cohesive Crack Model

Authors: G. Morales-Alonso, D.A. Cendón, and V. Sánchez-Gálvez


SDOF and HYDROCODE Simulation of Blast-Loaded Reinforced Concrete Slabs

Author: Tarek H Kewaisy


Blind Simulation of Blast Loaded Slabs Using Rcblast Software

Authors: Eric Jacques and Murat Saatcioglu


Finite Element Analysis and Experimental Validation of Reinforced Concrete Single-Mat Slabs Subjected to Blast Loads

Authors: Gunjan Shetye, Kavya Thadisina, and Ganesh Thiagarajan


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