SP-303: Thirteenth International Conference on Advances in Concrete Technology and Sustainability Issues

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Terence C. Holland

Pawan R. Gupta

V. Mohan Malhotra


This collection contains 26 papers presented at the Thirteenth International Conference on Advances in Concrete Technology and Sustainability Issues in Ottawa, Canada, in July 2015. Topics include; Responsibility, Durability, and Construction Requirements in ACI 318-14; Grouts for Bridge Post-tensioning Tendons at Below-Freezing Temperature; Case Studies of CO2 Utilization in Concrete; and much more.


Document Details

Publication Year: 2015

Pages: 374

ISBN: 9781942727231

Categories: Concrete Technology

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents



Responsibility, Durability, and Construction Requirements in ACI 318-14

by Terence C. Holland


Grouts for Bridge Post-tensioning Tendons at Below-Freezing Temperature

by Yang Fumin, Ma Rongtian, Zhang Yuanqing, and Zhang Yong


Case Studies of CO2 Utilization in Concrete

by Sean Monkman and Mark MacDonald


Effect of Steam Curing on Mechanical Properties of Self-Compacting Concrete Containing Pozzolan

by Aliakbar Ramezanianpour, SeyedAli Ghahari, AmirMohammad Ramezaninapour, and Khashayar Esmaeili


Performance of Sulpho-Based Rapid-Hardening Concrete

by Sergio Tortelli and Maurizio Marchi


Rapid Strength Concrete for Extending Service Life of Transportation Infrastructure

by Boris Stein, Robert Ryan, Vincent Perez, and Tanmay Kumar


Flexural Crack Width of Reinforced Concrete Beams with Roof Tile Waste Aggregate

by Mwangi Martin Macharia, Yuko Ogawa, Katsumi Yamaguchi, Kenji Kawai, and Ryoichi Sato


Processing of Sugar Cane Bagasse for Making it Pozzolanic

by Rein Terje Thorstensen


Phase Compositions and Strengths of One-Year-Old Ternary Cement Composites

by L’udovít Krajci, Ivan Janotka, Michal Bacuvcík, and Subhash C. Mojumdar


Influence of Coal Mining By-Products on the New Blended Cement Properties

by Moisés Frías, Olga Rodríguez, Rosario García, Raquel Vigil, Iñigo Vegas, Sagrario Martínez-Ramírez, Lucía Férnandez-Carrasco, and Ma Isabel Sánchez de Rojas


Characterization of Concrete with Recycled Aggregates Produced from Returned Concrete

by Giorgio Ferrari, Alberto Brocchi, Luca Torelli, Gilberto Artioli, Michele Secco Luca Valentini, and Maria Chiara Dalconi


The Influence of a New Metal Silicate Hydrate Admixture on Concrete Strength and Durability

by Giorgio Ferrari, Vincenzo Russo, Davide Salvioni, Francesco Surico, Gilberto Artioli, Maria Chiara Dalconi, Michele Secco, and Luca Valentini


Shotcrete Test Center

by by Espen A Rudberg and Thomas Beck


Designing Alternative Binders Utilizing Synergistic Reactions

by Harald Justnes and Tone Anita Østnor


Effect of Supplementary Cementitious Materials on the Rheology of Blended Cements

by Ashok. K. Tiwari, Maulik. M. Panseriya, Prakash C. Mathur, and Subrato Chowdhury


Durability and Dimensional Stability of Concrete Containing Zinc Slag as Sand

by Bhavna Tripathi, Tarush Chandra, and Sandeep Chaudhary


Hydration Properties and Technical Behavior of Calcium Sulfoaluminate Cements

by Antonio Telesca, Milena Marroccoli, Michele Tomasulo, and Gian Lorenzo Valenti


Microspheres-Based Admixture for Free-Thaw Durability of Concrete

by Frank Shaode Ong, Charles K. Nmai, James Curtis Smith, and John Luciano


Adoption of Resistivity Tests for Concrete Acceptance

by Robert Douglas Hooton and Gita Charmchi


Compatibility of Superplasticisers in Concrete with Mixed Recycled Aggregate

by C. Medina, W. Zhu, E.Asensio, I.F. Saéz del Bosque, M. Frías, and M. I. Sánchez de Rojas


Research on Using Fluorosilicate for the Enhanced Performance of Concrete

by Wei Li, Yi Wang, Gao-ming Wang, Yu Shi, and Zi-ming Wang


An Overview of ACI Report on High-Volume Fly Ash Concrete

by Harvey H. Haynes


Reinforcement of Hollow Concrete Beams with FRP Bars Made from Recycled Materials

by Robert J. Thomas and Sulapha Peethamparan


Properties of Steam-Cured Fly Ash Concrete Using Porous Ceramic Waste Aggregate

by Phuong Trinh Bui, Yuko Ogawa, Naoki Doi, Kenji Kawai, and Ryoichi Sato


Evaluation and Modification of fib Service Life Design Model for Persian Gulf Region

by Aliakbar Ramezanianpour, Ehsan Jahangiri, Babak Ahmadi, and Faramarz Moodi


Aggregate Reactivity and the Efficiency of Supplementary Cementing Materials

by Jens Kronemann and Klaus-Juergen Huenger



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