SP-297: Seismic Assessment of Existing Reinforced Concrete Buildings

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Editors: Kenneth J. Elwood, Jeff Dragovich and Insung Kim


This SP provides eleven papers summarizing new developments in the assessment and retrofit of concrete buildings, with a particular focus on the collapse prevention performance level. Many of the papers report on efforts by task groups of ACI 369, Committee for Seismic Repair and Rehabilitation. Several papers in this CD summarize research efforts related to the ACI 369 proposals under development, including modeling parameters and acceptance criteria for existing and jacketed columns, slender walls, and slab-column connections. Other papers report on retrofit case studies, a new assessment procedure for concrete buildings in Turkey, and practical numerical models for existing beam-column joints, in filled frames, and collapse simulation.


Document Details

Publication Year: 2014

ISBN: 9780870318672

Categories: Seismic & Lateral Forces

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents


Nonlinear modeling parameters and acceptance criteria for concrete columns

Authors: Ghannoum, W. M., Matamoros, A. B.


Assessment of ASCE/SEI 41 Concrete Column Provisions using Shaking Table Tests

Authors: Y. Li , K.J. Elwood , and S.-J. Hwang


Numerical Models for Beam-Column Joints in Reinforced Concrete Building

Authors: Jong-Su Jeon, Laura N. Lowes, Reginald DesRoches


Evaluation of ASCE 41 Modeling Parameters for Slender Reinforced Concrete Structural Walls

Authors: Anna C. Birely, Laura N. Lowes, and Dawn E. Lehman


Modeling Parameters for Reinforced Concrete Slab-Column Connections

Authors: Amy C. Hufnagel, YeongAe Heo, and Thomas H.-K. Kang


Non-linear Modeling Parameters for Jacketed Columns Used inSeismic Rehabilitation of RC Buildings

Authors: José C. Alvarez and Sergio F. Breña


Analysis of Seismic Response of Masonry-Infilled RC Frames throughCollapse

Authors: P. Benson Shing and Andreas Stavridis


Collapse Assessment of Non-Ductile, Retrofitted and DuctileReinforced Concrete Frames

Authors: M. Baradaran Shoraka, K.J. Elwood, T.Y. Yang, and A.B. Liel


Seismic Assessment and Retrofit of Existing RC Buildings: Case Studies from Degenkolb Engineers

Authors: InSung Kim, Garrett Hagen


Towards an Accurate Determination of Collapse Vulnerable Reinforced Concrete Buildings

Authors: Khalid M. Mosalam and Selim Günay


Identifying Buildings with High Seismic Risk Under Urban RenewalLaw in Turkey

Authors: Baris Binici, Ahmet Yakut, Sadun Taniser, Guney Ozcebe


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