SP-291: Corrosion of Reinforcing Steel in Concrete - Future Direction: Proceedings-Hope & Schupack Corrosion Symposium

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Editor: Mohammad S. Khan

Sponsored by ACI Committee 222


This CD contains 10 papers presented at the ACI Spring Convention, Dallas, TX, March 2012, and sponsored by ACI Committee 222, Corrosion of Metals in Concrete. The papers cover a variety of subject areas, including mechanism of corrosion of reinforcing steel in concrete; identifying, investigating, and quantifying corrosion; corrosion control measures for new and existing structures; and innovative materials and testing techniques. Engineers, scientists, researchers, inspectors, technicians, academics, materials manufacturers, and suppliers will all benefit from this SP


Document Details

Publication Year: 2013

ISBN: 9780870318061

Categories: Corrosion

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents


Admixed Chlorides in Concrete: History, Impacts, and Standardization.

Authors: D. Trejo and R. Weyers


Formation and Stability of Protective Passive Films Formed on the

New Generation of Stainless Steel Rebar Alloys.

Authors: B. P. Bergsma and C. M. Hansson


Numerical Study of Pore Solution Chemistry in Surface Crevices of

Carbon Steel Rebar.

Authors: O. B. Isgor, K. Karadakis, and P. Ghods


Effects of Anti-Icing Agents on the Durability of Concrete.

Authors: M. J. Cremasco and C. M. Hansson


Corrosion of Welded and Chromated Galvanized Lath Reinforcement in Cement Stucco.

Authors: M. J. Hunt, C. M. Hansson, M. J. Cremasco, S. J. Lee, and B. P. Bergsma


Preliminary Studies of High-Strength Stainless Prestressing Steels.

Authors: R. D. Moser, L. F. Kahn, P. M. Singh, and K. E. Kurtis


Refined Half-Cell Potential Mapping for Corrosion Detection Using Inverse Modeling.

Authors: P. Marinier and O. B. Isgor


Economical Tests for Assessing Corrosion Performance of Steel in Concrete.

Authors: C. Halmen, K. Reinschmidt, and D. Trejo


Passive Sensors for Detecting Corrosion in Concrete Structures.

Authors: A. E. Abu Yosef, P. Pasupathy, S. L. Wood, and D. P. Neikirk


When Bad Things Happen to Good [Buildings].

Authors: D. Freytag, K. Kesner, R. W. Poston, and K. Bondy


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