SP-285: Concrete Construction and Structural Evaluation: A Symposium Honoring Dov Kaminetzky

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Editors: Gajanan M. Sabnis and Pericles C. Stivaros

Sponsored by: ACI Committees 347, 350, 364, & 437


This SP contains 14 papers sponsored by ACI Committees 347, 350, 364, and 437. The papers represent a broad range of topics including; concrete mix design, design and construction, construction failures, formwork in concrete design, and more.


Document Details

Publication Year: 2012


Categories: Repair

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents

1.Concrete Mix Design: Key to Excellence in the Performance of New Concrete Structures

Author: Jose M. Izquierdo‑Encarnacion

2.Replacement of a 14 MG Reinforced Concrete Water Storage Reservoir and Pumping Station

Author: Ashok K. Dhingra

3.Spreadsheet Analysis of Load Distribution in Shoring and Reshoring Systems

Authors: Michael P. McGurl and David W. Johnston

4.Strengthening of Bridge by Pre-Stressing at JNPT and Testing its Efficacy

Authors: Gopal L. Rai and A. N. Bambole

5.Design and Construction Failures: An Educational Resource

Author: Pericles C. Stivaros

6.Diagnostic Testing as a Tool in Investigation of Concrete Failure [and their Prevention]

Author: Boris Dragunsky

7.Investigation and Dispute Resolution -A case Study

Author: Avanti C. Shroff

8.Paradigm Shift Needed in the Repair Materials Data Sheets and Engineering Specifications

Author: Fred Goodwin

9.Sustainability in Underwater Concreting - Use of Zero Washout Admixture for Large Underwater Concreting

Authors: Surendra Manjrekar and Ishita Manjrekar

10. Determining Location of Reinforcement in Concrete

Author: Luke M. Snell

11.Construction Failures: Have We Learned Our Lessons?

Author: Nick J. Carino

12. Important Aspects of Formwork in Concrete Design

Author: Eric Peterson

13.Seventy-Year History of Wire-Wrapped Prestressed Concrete Tanks: Practice, Performance & Professional Standards

Authors: Daniel McCarthy and Lars F. Balck

14.Analysis of a Possible Progressive failure in a moment resisting steel frame building with RC floors and exterior RC curtain wall panels

Authors: Vladimir I. Yagust and David Z. Yankelevsky


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