SP-284: Andy Scanlon Symposium on Serviceability and Safety of Concrete Structures: From Research to Practice CD

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Editors: Peter H. Bischoff & Eric Musselman

Associate Editors: Shawn Gross & Hani Nassif

Sponsored by: ACI Committees 435 & 348


This CD contains 21 papers that were presented at sessions sponsored jointly by Committee 435 & 348 at the ACI Fall 2011 Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio. The papers encompass a broad overview on the important issues related to serviceability and safety of structures from both a theoretical and design perspective. There are 15 papers on serviceability related to deflection and cracking, an additional 5 papers on topics related to various aspects of safety, and 1 paper on sustainability issues.


Document Details

Publication Year: 2012

ISBN: 9780870317576

Categories: Deflections

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents

1. Serviceability and Safety: Core Aspects of Sustainable Structures

Author: Andrea J. Schokker

2. Impact of Adjacent Lane Traffic on the Serviceability of Concrete Bridge Decks

Authors: Nakin Suksawang and Hani H. Nassif

3. Design Improvements from Structural Investigations

Authors: Jared E. Brewe and W. Gene Corley

4. Learning From Failures in Concrete Design and Construction

Authors: Norbert Delatte

5. Using Historical Cylinder Strength Data for Structural Evaluation

Authors: F. Michael Bartlett

6. Revised Statistical Resistance Models for R/C Structural Components

Authors: Andrzej S. Nowak, Anna M. Rakoczy and Ewa K. Szeliga

7. An Overview of Flexural Cracking Mitigation in Two-Way Slabs and Plates

Authors: Edward G. Nawy

8. Implementing Lessons Learned From Twenty Years of Bridge-Deck Crack Surveys

Authors: David Darwin, JoAnn Browning, Heather A. K. McLeod, Will Lindquist, and Jiqiu Yuan

9. Serviceability Design of Reinforced Concrete Members with Emphasis in Marine Infrastructure

Authors: Carlos E. Ospina

10. Experimental Study on Cracking and Leakage in RC Walls under Cyclic Loading

Authors: R. Sadjadi and R. Kianoush

11. Prediction of Concrete Integral Abutment Bridge Unrecoverable Displacements

Authors: WooSeok Kim, Jeffrey A. Laman, and Daniel G. Linzell

12. Evaluation and Management of Tension Stiffening

Authors: Richard H Scott and Andrew W Beeby

13. Creep and Shrinkage Induced Deflections in RC Beams and Slabs

Authors: R. I. Gilbert

14. Flexural Behavior and Deflection Prediction of Concrete Beams Reinforced with AFRP and CFRP Bars

Authors: Young Hak Lee and Min Sook Kim

15. Consideration of Shear Deformations for Slender Concrete Beams

Authors: Admasu S. Desalegne and Adam S. Lubell

16. Unified Approach for Computing Deflection of Steel and FRP Reinforced Concrete

Authors: Peter H. Bischoff and Mohammadali Darabi

17. Control of Deflection in Concrete Slabs and Effects of Construction Loads

Authors: Pericles C. Stivaros

18. Practical Deflection Prediction of Concrete Slabs

Authors: Jonathan Hirsch, Flora Calabrese, Eamonn Connolly, and Allan Bommer

19. Influence of Construction Loading on Long-Term Slab Deflections

Author: Robert L. Vollum

20. Quantifying Deflection Variation in RC Beams Propagated from Microstructural Variability in Concrete using Homogenization Technique

Authors: J.J. Kim, T. Fan and M.M. Reda Taha

21.Serviceability and Safety of Multi-Story Flat Plate Buildings: Effect of Lateral Forces

Authors: Amin Ghali and Ramez B. Gayed


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