SP-278: Frontiers in the Use of Polymers

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Editor: Mahmoud Reda Taha

Sponsored by Committee 548


This SP contains nine papers sponsored by ACI Committee 548. The extended use of polymers in concrete has grown significantly in the last two decades. This is demonstrated from the common use of epoxy to repair cracks, to the use of polymer concrete overlays to protect bridge decks. The papers provide insight into the current state of research and development for the use of polymers in concrete and new trends that will shape the frontiers of the polymer concrete industry in the near future.


Document Details

Publication Year: 2011


Categories: Repair

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents

1. Viscoelastic Behavior of Concrete Containing Super Absorbent Polymers

Authors: E.A.B. Koenders, H.W.M. van der Ham and K. van Breugel

2. Water-Soluble Polymers as Self-Curing Agent in Silica Fume Portland Cement Mixes

Authors: A.S. El-Dieb, T.A. El-Maaddawy and A.A.M. Mahmoud

3. Economical Bridge Overlays Using Waste Latex Paint

Authors: O.I. Quiroz and A.M. Said

4. A Preliminary Investigation of Polymer Modifi ed Hydrated Cement Paste Prisms and the Fracture Analysis of Tested Specimens

Authors: J. Belkowitz, M. Best, M. Nilsen, F. Fisher and D. Armentrout

5. Performance-Based Aspects and Constructability of Fibrous LMC Overlays

Authors: M.A. Alhassan and S.M. Ashur

6. Moisture Transport and Shrinkage Stress in Polymer Based Repair Materials

Author: by M.K. Rahman

7. State of Practice for Polymer Concrete Overlays

Authors: D.W. Fowler and D.P. Whitney

8. A New Latex Modifi ed Mortar Incorporating Carbon Nanotubes: Preliminary Investigations

Authors: E.M. Soliman, U.F. Kandil and M.M. Reda Taha

9. Rapid Concrete Bridge Deck Overlays

Author: M.M. Sprinkel


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