SP-266: Modeling As a Solution to Concrete Problems CD

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Editor: Jussara Tanesi

Sponsored by: ACI Committees 236 & 118


This CD consists of ten papers that were presented by ACI Committees 236 and 118, at the ACI Fall 2009 Convention in New Orleans, LA, in November 2009. The papers cover durability models, early age models, virtual testing and mechanical behavior models.


Document Details

Publication Year: 2009

Pages: 150

ISBN: 9780870313455

Categories: Materials

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents


HIPERPAV III—An Enhanced FHWA Software for Simulating Early-Age Concrete Pavement Behaviors.

by J.M. Ruiz, S.I. Garber, Q. Xu, J.C. Dick, G.K. Chang, and R.O. Rasmussen


Virtual Testing of Concrete Transport Properties.

by D.P. Bentz, E.J. Garboczi, N.S. Martys, K.A. Snyder, W.S. Guthrie, K. Kyritsis, and N. Neithalath


Virtual Cement and Concrete Testing Laboratory for Quality Testing and Sustainability of Concrete.

by J.W. Bullard, P.E. Stutzman, L.M. Ordoñez Belloc, E.J. Garboczi, and D.P. Bentz


A Concept for the Development of Mathematical and Mechanical Models for the Deformations of Composites under Uniaxial Load.

by S. Popovics


Early Age Cracking: A Case Study in How Materials Modeling Can Improve Concrete Quality.

by J.L. Poole and K.A. Riding


Numerical and Experimental Assessment of Unsaturated Fluid Transport in Saw-Cut (Notched) Concrete Elements.

by M. Pour-Ghaz, F. Rajabipour, J. Couch, and J. Weiss


Numerical Analysis of Saw Cutting: The Influence of Environmental Conditions

by K. Raoufi, T. Nantung, and J. Weiss


Modeling of Structures Affected by Alkali Aggregate Reaction.

by E. Grimal, A. Sellier, S. Multon, and E. Bourdarot


Structural Monitoring and Residual Reactive Silica Measurement Combination for Finite Element Analysis of Structures Affected By ASR.

by A. Sellier, E. Bourdarot, E. Grimal, S. Multon, and M. Cyr


Development of a Computer Simulation Model for Packing of Concrete Aggregates.

by K. Sobolev and A. Amirjanov


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