SP-262: Ninth ACI International Conference on Superplasticizers and Other Chemical Admixtures

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Editors: P. Gupta, T.C. Holland, and V.M. Malhotra


This Symposium Publication includes 30 papers selected from a conference that took place in Seville, Spain, in October 2009. Topics include Use of a Supplemental Agent to Improve Flowability of Ultra-High Performance Concrete; Performance of Superplasticizers in Blended Cement Systems; and Multifunctional Chemical Admixture to Reduce Quality Control Requirements of Self-Consolidated Concrete.


Document Details

Publication Year: 2009

Pages: 420

ISBN: 9780870313370

Categories: Admixtures

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents


Use of a Supplemental Agent to Improve Flowability of Ultra-High Performance Concrete.

By J. Plank, C. Schröfl, and M. Gruber


Performance of Superplasticizers in Blended Cement Systems.

by I. Papayianni and F. Karkantelidou


Multifunctional Chemical Admixture to Reduce Quality Control Requirements of

Self-Consolidated Concrete

By A.A. Jeknavorian, E. Koehler, A. Abelleira, D. Geary, and R. Cook


Polycarboxylate and Polyether Admixture Compatibility with Different Cement Compositons.

by M.M. Alonso, F. Puertas, and M. Palacios


Compatibility of Viscosity-Enhancing Agents and Superplasticizers in Cementitious and Model Systems: Rheology, Bleeding, and Segregation.

by N. Mikanovic, J. Sharman, C. Jolicoeur, K. Khayat, and M. Pagé


A Summary of Important Characteristics of Cement and Superplasticizers .

by K. Yamada


Compatibility of PC Superplasticizers with Slag-Blended Cements.

by M. Palacios, F. Puertas, M. M. Alonso, P. Bowen, and Y. F. Houst


Polymer Physics and Superplasticizers.

by R.J. Flatt, I. Schober, E. Raphael, E. Lesniewska,and C. Plassard


Performance of High Durability Concrete Using an Advanced Hybrid Admixture.

by K. Saito , M. Kinoshita, and H. Umehara


Interactions Between Comb-Type Superplasticizers and Slag Cement Pastes.

by L. Regnaud, R. Alfani, A. Vichot, B. Le Rolland, and E. Borgarello


The Role of Adsorption Energy in the Sulphate-Polycarboxylate Competition.

by R.J. Flatt, J. Zimmermann, C. Hampel, C. Kurz, I. Schober, L. Frunz, C. Plassard, and E. Lesniewska


Effect of Polymer Structure on the Sulfate-Polycarboxylate Competition.

by J. Zimmermann, C. Hampel, C. Kurz, L. Frunz,and R.J. Flatt


Study of the Application of Viscosity Reducing Type Superplasticizers for Low

Water-Binder Ratio Concrete.

by T. Matsumoto, T. Sugiyama, and A. Ohta


Development of New Ultra High Early Strength Superplaticizer and Its Application.

By Q. Ran, J. Liu, C. Miao, Y. Mao, Y. Shang, and J. Sha


Effects of High Accelerator Dosages on the Physical, Chemical, and Morphological Properties of a Hydrating Portland Cement Paste.

By C. Maltese, C. Pistolesi, D. Salvioni, A. Bravo, F. Cella, and T. Cerulli


Correlation between Rheology of Superplasticized Fresh Mortars and Fresh Concretes

by J. Gołaszewski


The Use of Phosphonates as Dispersants and Rheology Modifiers in Mortar and Concrete.

By M. Bellotto and F. Faini


The Relationship between Retention Stability and Chemical Structure of PCE.

By F. Göller, S. Dikty, and D. Hamada


Influence of Cellulose Ether Particle Size on Water Retention of Freshly-Mixed


By L. Patural, A. Govin, B. Ruot, O. Devès, and P. Grosseau


Chemical Admixture System for Pervious Concrete.

By E. Koehler, M. Offenberg, J. Malone, and A. Jeknavorian



Influence of Fly Ashes on the Drying Shrinkage of Superplasticized Concretes

in the Presence of SRA.

By A. Borsoi, M. Collepardi, S. Collepardi, and R. Troli


Pursuance of Workability Retention by New Superplasticizer.

By D. Hamada, K. Sagawa, Y. Tanisho, and H. Yamamuro


Effect of Shrinkage-Reducing Admixtures on the Shrinkage and Hydration of

Cement-Based Materials.

By Z. Zhibin, X. Lingling, C. Liang, and T. Minshu


Influence of Sample Preparation and Salt Concentration on the Superplasticizer Adsorption Quantification in Cement-Based Pore Solutions by Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Method.

By G. Albrecht and M. Vierle


The Influence of Superplasticizers on the Dissolution of C3S.

By T. Sowoidnich and C. Rößler


Influence of Mineral Admixtures on the Paste Fluidity of Cement with High

Aluminate Phase Content.

By E. Maruya, R. Ichinose, and E. Sakai


Synthesis of Poly-(poly(ethylene glycol)methyl ether methacrylate-co-vinylphosphonic acid) and its Cement Dispersing Ability.

By I. Goc-Maciejewska, B. Chun, P.J. Sandberg, and P. Krzyżanowski


Impact of Lignin-Based AE Water-Reducing Agent, and BNS- and PCE-Based Superplasticizers on the Properties of Hardened Concrete.

By M. Ohno, T. Sugiyama, T. Sugamata, and A. Ohta


Impact of Polymer Architecture on Superplasticizer Efficiency.

By D. Platel


Synergistic Effect of MgO-Based Expansive Agent and Shrinkage-Reducing Admixture on Compensating the Shrinkage of Cementitious Materials

by Z. Zhibin, X. Lingling, and T. Mingshu


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