SP-261: 10th ACI International Conference on Recent Advances in Concrete Technology and Sustainability Issues

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Editors: P. Gupta, T.C. Holland, and V.M. Malhotra


This Symposium Publication contains the proceedings from the Tenth CANMET/ACI International Conference on Recent Advances in Concrete Technology, held in Seville, Spain, in October 2009. The 21 papers include Durability of Ultra-High-Performance Concrete; Shrinkage Reducing Effect of a Combination of Internal Curing and Shrinkage Compensating Agents on High-Performance Concrete; and Geopolymer Concrete—Sustainable Cementless Concrete.


Document Details

Publication Year: 2009

Pages: 310

ISBN: 9780870313349

Categories: Concrete Technology

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents


Durability of Ultra-High-Performance Concrete

by C. Pfeifer, B. Möeser, C. Giebson, and J. Stark


Shrinkage Reducing Effect of a Combination of Internal Curing and Shrinkage Compensating Agents on High-Performance Concrete

by M. Seddik Meddah, M. Suzuki, and R. Sato


Geopolymer Concrete—Sustainable Cementless Concrete

by N. Lloyd and V. Rangan


Structural Synthetic Fibers for Three-Dimensional Reinforcement of Concrete

by V. Ramakrishnan


Slab-on-Ground Case Studies about Synthetic Fiber-Reinforced Concrete

by C.N. MacDonald


Rheology and Pumping of Self-Compacting Concrete.

by D. Feys, G. De Schutter, and R. Verhoeven


Experimental Study on a Barite Heavyweight Self-Consolidating Concrete.

By D. Revuelta, M.C. Alonso, J.L. García, and A. Barona


Optimization of Self-Consolidating Pastes Containing Limestone Powder and Chemical Admixtures.

By J. Kwasny, M. Sonebi, and P.A.M. Basheer


Shear Friction of Reinforced Self-Compacting Concrete Members.

By P. Desnerck, G. De Schutter, and L. Taerwe


Effect of Different Fibers and Mineral Additions on the Performance of FRSCC.5

by V. Corinaldesi and G. Moriconi


Investigation of the Type of Supplementary Cementing Materials on the

Durability of Self-Consolidating Concrete

by M. Sonebi, S. Stewart, and J. Condon


Properties of Concrete Made with New Cement Dispersing Agent for Retempering.

By M. Aba, M. Shoya, K. Tokuhashi, T. Kamata, and D. Mito


Hydration Properties of Calcium Sulfoaluminate-Portland Cement Blends.

By M. Bianchi, F. Canonico, L. Capelli, M.L. Pace, A. Telesca, and G.L. Valent



The Role of Paste Volume on Performance of Concrete

by G. Hermida, M. Moranville, and R.J. Flatt


Analysis of the Relation between Hydration Heat and Autogenous Shrinkage of Concrete at Early Ages.

By E.B. Lee, G.Y. Kim, K.M. Koo, and H.J. Lee


The Use of Pessimum Effect to Reduce the Expansion of Concretes Based on ASR Reactive Aggregates.

By I. Moundoungou, D. Bulteel, E. Garcia-Diaz, and P. Dégrugilliers


Recent Investigation on the Use of Foundry Sand in Mortar Mixtures.

By F. Tittarelli, S. Monosi, M.L. Ruello, and G. Moriconi


Nondestructive Testing of Cable Ducts in Concrete Columns and Walls Using the Impact-Echo Method.

By J. Stærke Clausen and A. Knudsen


Nondestructive Testing of Bridge Decks and Tunnel Linings Using


By J. Stærke Clausen and A. Knudsen


A Brief History of Pullout Testing with Particular Reference to Canada—A Personal Journey.

By J.A. Bickley


Compressive Strength of Lightweight High-Strength Concrete Subjected to High Temperatures.

By G.Y. Kim, Y.S. Kim, and T.G. Lee


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