SP-259: Transition from Fluid to Solid: Re-Examining the Behavior of Concrete at Early Ages

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Editor: Kyle Riding

Sponsored by ACI Committee 231


This CD consists of twelve papers that were presented at technical sessions sponsored by ACI committee 231, Properties of Concrete at Early Ages, at the 2009 ACI Spring Convention in San Antonio, TX. The subject matter of these papers includes: (1) the development of concrete properties and microstructure at early ages, (2) test methods for assessing early-age volume change and cracking potential, (3) construction operations timing, (4) computer simulations of early-age behavior, and (5) mechanisms that end the concrete dormant period.


Document Details

Publication Year: 2009

ISBN: 9780870313158 

Categories: Materials

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents


Early Age Stiffening of Cement Paste Using Ultrasonic Wave Reflection.

by C. Chung, J.S. Popovics, and L.J. Struble


Experimental Study on Restrained Drying Shrinkage Cracking of Concrete Using Acoustic Emission.

by M. Ozawa, S. Uchida, T. Kamada, and H. Morimoto


Continuous Ultrasonic Assessment of Elastic Modulus of Cementitious Materials through Setting and Early Strength Gain.

by K.V. Subramaniam and J. Lee


Early Age Properties Development of Concrete with Different Slag Contents

by A. Darquennes, S. Staquet, A. Kamen, M.-P. Delplancke-Ogletree, and B. Espion


Identifying the Fluid-to-Solid Transition in Cementitious Materials at Early Ages Using Ultrasonic Wave Velocity and Computer Simulation.

by M. Dehadrai, G. Sant, D. Bentz, and J. Weiss


Detecting Solidification Using Moisture Transport from Saturated Lightweight Aggregate.

by R. Henkensiefken, G. Sant, T. Nantung, and J. Weiss


Evaluation of a Quick Heat Generation Index Test for Characterization of Cementitious Materials.

by T.D. Rupnow, V.R. Schaefer, and K. Wang


Flocculation in Cement Pastes Measured through Use of Laser Microscopy

by R.P. Ferron, C. Negro, and S.P. Shah


Effects of Accelerating Admixture on Flowable Fill Strength.

by W. Lovencin and F.T. Najafi


Flocculation Behavior of Cement Pastes Containing Clays and Fly Ash.

by N. Tregger, H. Knai, and S.P. Shah


Monitoring the Liquid to Solid Transition in Concrete with Conventional Tests.

by J. Abel, R.C.A. Pinto, and K.C. Hover


Simulation of Volume Changes of Cement Paste at Early Age.

by I. Jaouadi, A. Guidoum, and K. Scrivener


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