SP-248: Deflection and Stiffness Issues in FRC and Thin Structural Elements

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Editors: Peter H. Bischoff, Faris Malhas

Sponsored by ACI Committee 435, Deflection of Concrete Building Structures, and ACI Committee 544, Fiber Reinforced Concrete.


This CD is a collection of papers organized for a session held at the ACI 2007 Fall Convention in Puerto Rico. Papers relate to material behavior and the structural implications of using fiber-reinforced concrete (FRC), and focus on the benefits of using fibers to enhance stiffness and reduce deflection of FRC members both with and without reinforcement. Used in combination with conventional reinforcement, FRC can increase stiffness and reduce deflection of cracked members as well as decrease the stress in the reinforcement. This is particularly important in thin sections and cement-based products where the geometry and profile play an important role in controlling deflection.


Document Details

Publication Year: 2007

ISBN: 9780870312571

Categories: Fiber-Reinforced Concrete

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents


Numerical Simulation of Thin Steel Fiber Self-Compacting Concrete Structures

by J.A.O. Barros, E.N.B. Pereira, A. Ventura Gouveia, and Á.F.M. Azevedo


Deflection Calculation Using an Effective Moment Inertia for FRC

by P.H. Bischoff


Numerical Simulation of FRC Round Panel Tests and Full-Scale Elevated Slabs

by C. Soranakom, B. Mobasher, and X. Destrée


Effect of Synthetic Macro-Fibers on Shear Behavior of Concrete Beams

by S.A. Altoubat, A. Yazdanbakhsh, and K.-A. Rieder


Deflection-Softening and Deflection-Hardening FRC Composites: Characterization and Modeling

by A.E. Naaman


Effect of Open-Loop or Closed-Loop Deflection Control on Measured Toughness of FRC

by R. Gupta and N. Banthia


The Role of Fiber Dispersion on Toughness and Deflection Stiffness Properties of SFRCs

by L. Ferrara, Y.-D. Park, and S.P. Shah


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