SP-246: Structural Implications of Shrinkage and Creep of Concrete

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Editors: John Gardner and Mario A. Chiorino


This CD is a collection of papers prepared for a session held at the ACI 2007 Fall Convention in Puerto Rico on the effects of shrinkage and creep of concrete. The papers are organized into four groups: 1) design, construction, and behavior of bridge structures; 2) effect of concrete shrinkage and creep on the design and construction of tall buildings; 3) deflection and cracking serviceability of slabs, beams, and walls; and 4) other problems and basic questions.


Document Details

Publication Year: 2007

ISBN: 9780870312502

Categories: Creep & Shrinkage

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents


Stress Distribution of Prestressed Concrete Structures as Influenced by Time and Temperature

by N.C.M. Tsang and G.L. England


Numerical Approach to Viscoelastic Analysis of Concrete Structures Using Equilibrium and FEM

by M. Sassone, D. Bigaran, and C. Casalegno


Removal of Temporary Supports and Creep Effects in Sequential Construction of Bridges

by M. Arici and M.F. Granata


Creep and Shrinkage of a Self-Compacting VHPC in Prebent Composite Beams for Innovative Railway Bridges in France—Part I: Modeling

by S. Staquet, C. Bouley, L. D’Aloïa, R. Le Roy, B. Espion, and F. Toutlemonde


Creep and Shrinkage of a Self-Compacting VHPC in Prebent Composite Beams for Innovative Railway Bridges in France—Part II: Case Study

by S. Staquet, C. Bouley, L. D’Aloïa, R. Le Roy, B. Espion, and F. Toutlemonde


Design Optimization of a Continuous Railway Bridge with Prebent and Prestressed Composite Decks

by S. Staquet, H. Detandt, and B. Espion


Designing for Effects of Creep and Shrinkage in High-Rise Concrete Buildings

by D.J. Carreira and T.D. Poulos


Creep and Shrinkage and the Design of Supertall Buildings—A Case Study: The Burj Dubai Tower

by W.F. Baker, D.S. Korista, L.C. Novak, J. Pawlikowski, and B. Young


Effect of Early Age Loading on Time-Dependent Deflection and Shrinkage Restraint Cracking of Slabs with Low Reinforcement Ratios

by J.I. Lee, A. Scanlon, and M.A. Scanlon


Effect of Shrinkage on Short-Term Deflection of Reinforced Concrete Beams and Slabs

by P.H. Bischoff and R.D. Johnson


A Proposal of Simple Design Equations for Evaluating Flexural Serviceability Performance of Reinforced High and Low Shrinkage HSC Beams 181

by M. Tanimura and R. Sato


Numerical Analysis of the Effect of Shrinkage on Flexural Deformation and Crack Width

by I. Ujike, R. Sato, I. Maruyama, M. Tanimura, and M. Suzuki


Influence of Passive Reinforcement on Creep and Shrinkage of Concrete: Long-Term Observations

by K. Audenaert and L. Taerwe


Investigation of Cracking of Mass Concrete Members Induced by Restrained Contraction

by C. Mircea, M. Filip, and A. Ioani


Drying Shrinkage Updated Model for Hardened Chilean Concretes

by C. Videla


Shrinkage Effect on Shear Strength of Reinforced, High Strength Concrete Beams

by R. Sato, H. Kawakane, T. Kawamoto, R. Ushio, and I. Maruyama


Does Bernoulli’s Hypothesis Apply to Differential Shrinkage Problems?

by J. Silfwerbrand


The Importance of Time in Understanding Concrete Behaviour

by S.J. Alexander


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