SP-241: Concrete Heat Development: Monitoring, Prediction & Management

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Editors: Kejin Wang & Anton K. Schindler


This CD contains nine papers presented at a technical session on Heat Development: Monitoring, Prediction, and Management, held in Atlanta, GA, in April 2007. Topics include innovative technology for concrete heat monitoring; use of the heat measurements to characterize concrete mixtures, evaluate the mixture performance, and detect potential incompatibilities of concrete materials; heat management in precast concrete; and modeling and prediction of in-place concrete temperature development, among others.


Document Details

Publication Year: 2007

ISBN: 9780870312403

Categories: Materials

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents


SP-241—1: What Can We Learn From Monitoring Concrete Temperature?

by P. Taylor and J. Gajda

SP-241—2: Monitoring and Evaluation of Cement Hydration by Semi-Adiabatic Field Calorimetry

by J.P. Sandberg and S. Liberman

SP-241—3: Calorimetry Performed On-Site: Methods and Uses

by K.A. Riding, J.L. Poole, M.C.G. Juenger, A.K. Schindler, and K.J. Folliard

SP-241—4: Use of Thermal Measurements to Detect Potential Incompatibilities of Common Concrete Materials

by V.T. Cost and G. Knight

SP-241—5: Hydration Study of Cementitious Materials using Semi-Adiabatic Calorimetry

by J.L. Poole, K.A. Riding, K.J. Folliard, M.C.G. Juenger, and A.K. Schindler

SP-241—6: Characterization of Concrete Paving Mixtures with HIPERPAV

by J.M. Ruiz, R.O. Rasmussen, and T.R. Ferragut

SP-241—7: Modeling the Heat Development of Concrete Associated with Cement Hydration

by C.V. Nielsen

SP-241—8: An Overview of Heat Signature Technology and its Application to Proposed Concrete In-Place Thermal Cracking and Field Curing Indices

by F.F. Radjy

SP-241—9: Online Prediction of Strength Development in Precast Production Based on Cement Reaction Model 1

by E. Nordenswan and A. Kappi


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