SP-239: 8th CanMET/ACI International Conference on Superplasticizers and Other Chemical Admixtures in Concrete

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Editor: V.M. Malhotra


This Symposium Publication includes 36 papers selected from a conference that took place in Sorrento, Italy, in October 2006. Topics include cementitious systems, ultra-high-strength concrete, artificial superplasticized aggregate, mortars, and self-consolidating concrete.


Document Details

Publication Year: 2006

Pages: 572

ISBN: 9780870312168

Categories: Admixtures

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents

SP-239—1: Recent Developments in Superplasticizers 1

by M. Collepardi and M. Valente

SP-239—2: Use of Chemical Admixtures to Modify the Rheological Behavior of Cementitious Systems Containing Manufactured Aggregates 15

by A. Jeknavorian, K. Hazrati, A. Bentur, H. Koyata, D. McGuire, and P. Sandberg

SP-239—3: Development of New Superplasticizer Providing Ultimate Workability 31

by D. Hamada, T. Hamai, M. Shimoda, M. Shonaka, and H. Takahashi

SP-239—4: Characteristics of Concrete Containing a Shrinkage-Reducing Superplasticizer for Ultra-High-Strength Concrete 51

by T. Sugamata, T. Kinoshita, M. Yaguchi, and K. Harada

SP-239—5: Artificial Superplasticized Aggregates for Decorative Applications 67

by G. Ferrari, T. Cerulli, A. Lolli, G. Novella, and R. Pellay

SP-239—6: Behavior of Mortars with Different Dosages of Shrinkage Reducing Admixtures 77

by A. Bettencourt Ribeiro, A. Carrajola, and A. Gonçalves

SP-239—7: Studying Admixtures with the 5C Rheometer 93

by R.J. Flatt and I. Schober

SP-239—8: Properties of New Polysaccharide as a Thickner for Concrete 105

by T. Izumi, S. Dikty, and H. Yamamuro

SP-239—9: Influence of High Volumes of Ultra-Fine Additions on Self-Compacting Concrete 117

by R. Cioffi, F. Colangelo, D. Caputo, and B. Liguori

SP-239—10: Novel Slurry Rheology Modifier for Materials of Civil Engineering and Construction 137

by H. Yamamuro, K. Koyanagi, and T. Kojima

SP-239—11: Influence of Three Types of Superplasticizers on Tricalciumaluminate Hydration in Presence of Gypsum 151

by S. Pourchet, C. Comparet, A. Nonat, and P. Maitrasse

SP-239—12: Optimizing Polycaboxylate Polymers 169

by I. Schober and R.J. Flatt

SP-239—13: Effect of High-Range Water-Reducing Admixture Type on Performance

of Self-Consolidating Concrete 185

by K.H. Khayat and S.-D. Hwang

SP-239—14: Intercalation of Polycarboxylate Superplasticizers into C3A Hydrate Phases 201

by J. Plank, Z. Dai, N. Zouaoui, and D. Vlad

SP-239—15: Influence of Sulfates Content in Cement on the Performances of Superplasticizers 215

by R. Magarotto, F. Moratti, and N. Zeminian

SP-239—16: Tailor-Made Superplasticizers for Modern Concrete 231

by M. Corradi, R. Khurana, and R. Magarotto

SP-239—17: Effectiveness of Commercial Corrosion Inhibitors for Reinforced

Concrete 249

by F. Bolzoni, S. Goidanich, M. Ormellese, M.P. Pedeferri, and A. Lolli

SP-239—18: Cement-Superplasticizers Interaction: The Influence of

Superplasticizers on the Formation of Syngenite 269

by H. Kucerová and C. Rößler

SP-239—19: Adsorption of Lignosulphonates on Cement and the Hydration

Products of Cements 285

by B.O. Myrvold

SP-239—20: A New High Performance Drying Shrinkage-Reducing Admixture 297

by M. Masanaga, T. Yamamoto, T. Hirata, and T. Nawa

SP-239—21: An Amphoteric Copolymer as a Concrete Admixture 309

by K.C. Hsu, J.W. Chen, F.T. Jiang, and D.S. Hwung

SP-239—22: Influence of Surfactant Chemical Admixtures on the Stability and Pheological Properties of Calcium Carbonate and Cement Pastes 321

by N. Mikanovic, C. Jolicoeur, and M. Pagé

SP-239—23: Effect of Organic Admixtures on the Activation Process, Rheological

and Mechanical Properties and Durability of Alkali-Activated Slag Pastes

and Mortars 345

by M. Palacios, F. Puertas, and P.F.G. Banfill

SP-239—24: Interaction between Cements and Superplasticizers 357

by H. Lombois-Burger, L. Guillot, and C. Haehnel

SP-239—25: Shrinkage-Free Mortars for Repairing Damaged Concrete Structures 375

by S. Collepardi, G. Corazza, G. Fazio, S. Monosi, and R. Troli

SP-239—26: Changes in Cement Paste and Mortar Fluidity after Mixing Induced

by PCP: A Parametric Study 389

by L. Regnaud, A. Nonat, S. Pourchet, B. Pellerin, P. Maitrasse, J.P. Perez,

and S. Georges

SP-239—27: Rheological Behavior of Fresh Cement Pastes: Interaction between Superplasticizer and Viscosity-Enhancing Admixture 409

by L. D’Aloia Schwartzentruber and J. Cordin

SP-239—28: Effect of Temperature on Rheological Properties of Superplasticized

Cement Mortars 423

by J. Golaszewski

SP-239—29: Hydrophobic Admixtures to Control Corrosion of Galvanized Steel Reinforcement in Concrete 441

by F. Tittarelli, G. Valenti, and G. Moriconi

SP-239—30: Influence of Cement and Plasticizer Type on the Rheology and

Reactivity of Cementitious Binders 455

by H. Vikan, H. Justnes, and R. Figi

SP-239—31: Effect of Advanced Hybrid Admixture on High Strength Concrete 471

by K. Saito , M. Kinoshita , K. Okada, and T. Nawa

SP-239—32: Effects of an Inorganic Acid Based Alkali-Free Accelerator on the

Setting and the Compressive Strength Development of a Hydrating Clinker

Containing Different Setting Regulators 487

by C. Maltese, C. Pistolesi, A. Bravo, F. Cella, T. Cerulli, and D. Salvioni

SP-239—33: Effect of Functional Groups on the Performance of Lignosulfonates in Cement-Water Systems 507

by J. Zhor

SP-239—34: Influence of D-Sorbitol on the Properties of Binders to Immobilize

Acid Nuclear Wastes 525

by M. Collepardi, G. Grossi, M. Pellizon Birelli, and G. Ventura

SP-239—35: Effectiveness of Superplasticizers Incorporating Shrinkage-

Reducing Admixture in Recycled-Aggregate Concrete 533

by V. Corinaldesi and G. Moriconi

SP-236—36: Performance of Self-Consolidating Concrete made with Diutan Gum 545

by K.H. Khayat, A. Mechaymech, and B. Skaggs


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