SP-232: Punching Shear in Reinforced Concrete Slabs

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Editor: Maria Anna Polak


The development of high-performance materials and advanced computational tools has allowed the building of relatively thin concrete slabs supported on columns. The simple appearance of such structural systems and ease of their construction make them economically attractive and popular. However, these structures develop complex three-dimensional stresses in the slab, at the columns, which can eventually lead to a potentially catastrophic brittle punching shear failure. Although structural failures are rare, in part due to high safety factors, understanding punching shear phenomenon is crucial for safe and rational design of flat reinforced concrete slabs supported on columns.

As part of the activities of the ACI/ASCE Committee 445, Shear and Torsion, members of Subcommittee 445-C, Punching Shear, organized a symposium in conjunction with this special publication devoted to the state of the art on punching shear. The symposium was held during the ACI Fall 2005 Convention under the sponsorship of ACI/ASCE Committee 445.

The last significant and comprehensive overviews on this topic were completed several years ago by the fédération internationale du béton (fib) in their state-of-the-art report on punching shear (2001)1 and in the Proceedings of the International Workshop on Punching Shear Capacity of RC Slabs (2000)2 published by the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden. Subcommittee 445-C has compiled a series of papers that present updated developments in the state of the art and research regarding behavior, rational design, and evaluation of code provisions related to punching shear. The papers are grouped into two parts. The first part contains a report, coauthored by members of Subcommittee 445-C, on issues related to design philosophy, code provisions, contributions of flexural and shear reinforcements, and seismic and blast loads. The second part includes papers on new developments obtained from different research centers from around the world. The aim is to present comprehensive and objective information on the topic of punching shear.

It is hoped that this publication will be important for the engineering design community in its efforts to improve long-term strength and ductility of slab-column structural systems.


Document Details

Publication Year: 2005

Pages: 302

ISBN: 9780870311932

Categories: Reinforcement

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents

Part I

SP-232—1: ACI 318-05, CSA A23.3-04, Eurocode 2 (2003), DIN 1045-1 (2001), BS 8110-97 and CEB-FIP MC 90 Provisions for Punching Shear of Reinforced Concrete Flat Slabs

by N.J. Gardner

SP-232—2: ACI 318 Moment Transfer Strength and Stiffness Considerations

by N.M. Hawkins

SP-232—3: Effects of Size, Geometry and Material Properties on

Punching Shear Resistance

by D. Mitchell, W.D. Cook, and W. Dilger

SP-232—4: Effect of Flexural Reinforcement on Punching Shear Resistance

by W. Dilger, G. Birkle, and D. Mitchell

SP-232—5: Shear Reinforcement for Concrete Flat Slabs

by M.A. Polak, E. El-Salakawy, and N.L. Hammill

SP-232—6: A Design Perspective on Punching Shear

by S.D.B. Alexander and N.M. Hawkins

SP-232—7: Reinforced Concrete Slabs Subjected to Blast or Localized Impact

by T. Krauthammer

SP-232—8: Slab-Column Connections Under Seismic Actions

by W.H. Dilger, D.C. Dechka, and S.J. Brown

Part II

SP-232—9: Interior Slab-Rectangular Column Connections Under Biaxial

Lateral Loadings

by Y. Tan and S. Teng

SP-232—10: Effect of the Column Dimensions on the Punching Shear Strength

of Edge Column-Slab Connections

by A.G. Sherif, M.B. Emara, A. Hassanein, and S.A. Magd

SP-232—11: Punching Shear Strength of Post-Tensioned Concrete Flat Plates

by N.J. Gardner

SP-232—12: Punching of Reinforced Concrete Flat Slabs—ACI and German Guidelines

by J. Hegger, A. Sherif, and R. Beutel

SP-232—13: Punching Research at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)

in Stockholm

by H. Sundquist

SP-232—14: Eurocodes and North American Codes Predictions of Punching Shear Capacity in View of Experimental Evidence

by A. Pisanty

SP-232—15: Effect of HPC and FRHPC Precast Heads on Punching Shear Resistance

of Flat Plates

by A.B. Ajdukiewicz and J.S. Hulimka


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