SP-224: Thin Reinforced Cement-Based Products and Construction Systems

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Editor: Ashish Dubey


This publication contains the papers originally presented in a symposium organized by ACI Committee 549, Thin Reinforced Cementitious Products and Ferrocement. The symposium explored current state-of-the-art and recent advances in material science, manufacturing methods, and practical applications of thin reinforced cementitious products.

The topics covered in this publication include material science of textile reinforced concrete, use of textile reinforced concrete for integrated formwork and exterior cladding panels, prestressed thin-sheet concrete products, ultra-high-performance thin precast concrete products, production of concrete tubes by centrifugation method, freezing-and-thawing durability of commercial fiber-reinforced cement boards, structural evaluation of cement-skin sandwich building systems, microwave accelerated curing method for producing precast cementitious products, history of glass fiber-reinforced concrete (GFRC) products, and modeling of cement-based laminate composites.


Document Details

Publication Year: 2004

Pages: 210

ISBN: 9780870311598

Categories: Ferrocement

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents


SP-224—1: GFRC—30 Years of High Fiber Cement Composite

Applications Worldwide

by G. T. Gilbert

SP-224—2: Towards Prestressed Thin-Sheet Glass Concrete Products

by G. Vilkner and C. Meyer

SP-224—3: Textile Reinforced Concrete: Investigations at Different Levels

by J. Hegger, A. Sherif, O. Bruckermann, and M. Konrad

SP-224—4: Textile Reinforced Concrete (TRC) for Integrated Formworks

by W. Brameshuber, M. Koster, J. Hegger, S. Voss, T. Gries, M. Barlé, H.-W. Reinhardt, and M. Krüger

SP-224—5: Exterior Cladding Panels as an Application of

Textile Reinforced Concrete

by J. Hegger, H. Schneider, A. Sherif, M. Molter, and S. Voss

SP-224—6: Ultra-High Performance Concrete with Ductility: Design, Prototyping, and Manufacturing of Panels and Boxes

by D. Zakariasen and V. Perry

SP-224—7: New Cement Composites for Thin Structural Products

by E. Parant and P. Rossi

SP-224—8: Structural Evaluation of Cement Skin Sandwich Building System

by Y. Shao, E. Blain-Cosgrove, and B. Robinson

SP-224—9: Properties of Short Fiber Reinforced Cement Paste for Concrete Tubes Produced by Centrifugation Method

by D. Hesselbarth and J. Kaufmann

SP-224—10: Temperature Controlled Microwave Acclerated Curing of Precast Ferrocement Secondary Roofing Slabs

by K. C. G. Ong, C. P. Teo, C. H. Shum, L. H. J. Wong, S. T. Tan, and C. T. Tam

SP-224—11: Freeze-Thaw Durability of Commercial Fiber-Reinforced

Cement Board

by K. G. Kuder and S. P. Shah

SP-224—12: Crack Growth Resistance of Thin Mortar Layers with Hybrid Fiber Reinforcement

by L. Sorelli, N. Banthia, and G. A. Plizzari

SP-224—13: Modeling of Cement Based Composite Laminates

by B. Mobasher

SP-224—14: Effect of Crack Growth on Overall Mechanical Properties of Cement Composites

by M. Boulfiza and N. Banthia


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