SP-222: Seventh CANMET/ACI International Conference on Recent Advances in Concrete Technology

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Editor: V.M. Malhotra


The Canada Centre for Mineral and Energy Technology (CANMET) of Natural Resources Canada, Ottawa, has played a significant role in Canada for over 40 years in the broad area of concrete technology. In recent years, CANMET has become increasingly involved in research and development dealing with supplementary cementing materials, high-performance normal-weight and lightweight concretes, and alkali-aggregate reactions.

In May 2004, CANMET, in association with the American Concrete Institute and several other organizations in the United States, sponsored the Seventh CANMET/ACI International Conference on Recent Advances in Concrete Technology in Las Vegas, U.S.A. Seventeen refereed papers from more than 10 countries were presented and distributed at the conference. The proceedings consisting of refereed papers were published as ACI SP-222.

Keywords: self-compacting concrete; high performance concrete; lightweight concrete; mass concrete; ettringite formation; Plasticizer;anti-corrosion products;


Document Details

Publication Year: 2004

Pages: 242

ISBN: 9780870311475

Categories: Concrete Technology

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents

SP-222—1: Recent Developments of Special Self-Compacting Concretes by M. Collepardi, A. Borsoi, S. Collepardi, and R. Troli

SP-222—2: Influence of Internal Friction and Cohesion on the Variations of Formwork Pressure of Self-Consolidating Concrete by J. Assad and K.H. Khayat

SP-222—3: Self-Consolidating Concrete at Padgett-Thomas Barracks—The Citadel by G. Amekuedi, R. Morrow, M. Nigels, and B. Guedel

SP-222—4: Static Stability of Self-Consolidating Concrete by J.A. Daczko

SP-222—5: Delayed Ettringite Formation: Suggestion of a Global Mechanism in Order to Link Previous Hypotheses by X. Brunetaud, L. Divet, and D. Damidot

SP-222—6: DEF-Related Expansion of Concrete as a Function of Sulfate Content in the Clinker Phase or Cement and Curing Temperature by M. Collepardi, J.J. Ogoumah Olagot, D. Salvioni, and D. Sorrentino

SP-222—7: Lignosulphonate as Plasticizing Admixture on Cements of Different Chemical Composition by B.G. Peterson, K. Reknes, and K. Olavesen

SP-222—8: Properties of Geopolymer Concrete with Fly Ash as Source Material: Effect of Mixture Composition by D. Hardjito, S.E. Wallah, D.M.J. Sumajouw, and B.V. Rangan

SP-222—9: Effectiveness of Anti-Corrosion Products for Reinforced Concrete Exposed to United Arab Emirates Environmental Conditions by A. Qasimi and S.M.K. Chetty

SP-222—10: Autogenous Healing: Ingress of Chloride and Sulfate through Cracks in Concrete Under Marine Environment by T.U. Mohammed, H. Hamada, and H. Yokota

SP-222—11: Corrosion Study of Stainless Steel Bars in Cracked Concrete by T. Yamaji, T. Hirasaki, R. Takahashi, S. Mizuma, and M. Yamakawa

SP-222—12: Working Mechanism of a Shrinkage-Reducing Superplasticizer of New Generation by K. Yamada, H. Nakanishi, S. Tamaki, M. Yaguchi, M. Kinoshita, and S. Okazawa

SP-222—13: Steel Fiber product Introduction through Pre-Cast Reinforced Concrete Pipe by C.N. MacDonald and J. Trangsrud

SP-222—14: Autogenous Shrinkage of Cementitious Paste-State-of-the-Art by H. Justnes

SP-222—15: Evaluation of Bond Strength between Ultra-High-Performance Reactive Powder Composite Materials and Fiber-Reinforced Concrete by Slant Shear test by A. Hassan, M. Kawakami, S. Matsuoka, and H. Tanaka

SP-222—16: A Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technique to Determine lithium Distribution in Mortar by J.J. Young, B.J. Balcom, T.W. Bremner, M.D. Thomas and K. Deka


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