SP-219: Recycling Concrete and other Materials for Sustainable Development

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Editors: Tony Liu & Christian Meyer


This publication contains 11 papers which promote and encourage the use of recycled concrete and other materials in concrete construction, taken from presentations at the 2003 ACI Spring Convention in Vancouver, Canada. Specific subject areas include the global perspective, challenges and opportunities of concrete recycling, the barriers to recycling concrete in highway construction, and current practices in the European Union, Japan, and USA. This publication also contains research papers on the use of recycled glass as aggregates for architectural concrete, recycled scrap tire rubber, flowable slurry containing wood ash, recycled latex paint as an admixture, crushed stone dust in production of self-consolidating concrete, a new binder using thermally treated spent pot liners from aluminum smelters, and the durability of concrete containing recycled concrete as aggregates that had shown distress due to alkali-silica reaction.


Document Details

Publication Year: 2004

Pages: 202

ISBN: 9780870311420

Categories: Recycling

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents

SP-219—1: Recycling Concrete—An Overview of Challenges and Opportunities

by E. K. Lauritzen

SP-219—2: Recent Trends in Recycling of Concrete Waste

and Use of Recycled Aggregate Concrete in Japan

by Y. Kasai

SP-219—3: Concrete Waste in a Global Perspective

by T. C. Hansen and E. K. Lauritzen

SP-219—4: Guidance for Recycled Concrete Aggregate Use

in the Highway Environment

by J. S. Melton

SP-219—5: Mitigating Alkali Silica Reaction in Recycled Concrete

by H. C. Scott IV and D. L. Gress

SP-219—6: Use of Recycled Glass as Aggregate for Architectural Concrete

by C. Meyer and S. Shimanovich

SP-219—7: Properties of Flowable Slurry Containing Wood Ash

by T. R. Naik, R. N. Kraus, Y. Chun, and R. Siddique

SP-219—8: Protective System for Buried Infrastructure

Using Recycled Tire Rubber-Filled Cement Mortars

by M. Nehdi and A. Khan

SP-219—9: The Use Of Crushed Limestone Dust In Production

of Self-Consolidating Concrete (SCC)

by C. Shi, Y. Wu, and C. Riefler

SP-219—10: Recycled Waste Latex Paint as an Admixture in Concrete Sidewalks

by M. Nehdi

SP-219—11: Development of a New Binder Using Thermally-Treated

Spent Pot Liners from Aluminium Smelters

by A. Tagnit-Hamou and S. Laldji


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