SP-218: High Performance Structural Lightweight Concrete

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Editors: John Ries & Thomas Holm


This Symposium Publication contains a compilation of papers that address high-performance structural lightweight concrete in a wide range of global construction applications. Topics include microstructural issues (autogenous shrinkage and internal curing), material and structural properties (transfer length, shear strength, and seismic behavior), and applications in large civil structures (long-span balanced cantilever bridges, offshore platform, and float-in navigational locks).

Keywords: development length; flexural strength; high-performance concrete; lightweight concrete; low-permeability concrete; prestressed concrete bridge beams; structural testing; transfer length


Document Details

Publication Year: 2004

Pages: 202

ISBN: 9780870311383

Categories: Lightweight Concrete

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents


SP-218—1: First Use of Lightweight High-Performance Concrete Beams in Virginia 1

by C. Ozyildirim, T. Cousins, and J. Gomez

SP-218—2: Transfer and Development Length of 0.6-inch Strand in High Strength Lightweight Concrete 9

by K. F. Meyer and L. F. Kahn

SP-218—3: Review of Parameters Influencing the Seismic Design of Lightweight Concrete Structures 29

by M. J. Kowalsky and H. M. Dwairi

SP-218—4: Lightweight Concrete in the Marine Environment 51

by P. Fidjestol

SP-218—5: Shear Strength of Lightweight Reinforced Concrete Beams 69

by J. A. Ramirez, J. Olek, and B. J. Malone

SP-218—6: Composite Bridge Systems with High-Performance

Lightweight Concrete 91

by G. S. Sylva, N. H. Burns, and J. E. Breen

SP-218—7: Lightweight Concrete Makes a Dam Float 101

by C. L. Tasillo, B. D. Neeley, and A. A. Bombich

SP-218—8: Internal Curing—Role of Absorbed Water in Aggregates 131

by T. A. Hammer, Ø. Bjøntegaard, and E. J. Sellevold

SP-218—9: Mitigating Autogenous Shrinkage by Internal Curing 143

by M. R. Geiker, D. P. Bentz, and O. M. Jensen

SP-218—10: Use of Magnetic Resonance Imaging to Study Internal

Moist Curing in Concrete Containing Saturated Lightweight Aggregate 155

by F. de Jesus Cano Barrita, T. W. Bremner, and B. J. Balcom

SP-218—11: Development of Very Low Density Structural Lightweight Concrete 177

by M. A. Caldarone and R. G. Burg

SP-218—12: Norway Bridges Using High Performance Lightweight

Aggregate Concrete 189

by K. S. Harmon


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