SP-216: Innovations in Fiber-Reinforced Concrete for Value

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Fiber reinforcement is one of the most effective ways of enhancing the resistance of concrete to dynamic loads. This Symposium Publication has 14 papers relating to the innovations in fiber-reinforced concrete on topics including fire performance/resistance, high-strength concrete, piezoelectricity and pyroelectricity, steel fibers, tensile test and tensile creep, and much more.


Document Details

Publication Year: 2003

Pages: 240

ISBN: 9780870311260

Categories: Fiber-Reinforced Concrete

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents

SP-216-1: Influence of Fiber Dispersion on the Performance of Microfiber Reinforced Cement Composites

by Y. Akkaya, S.P. Shah, and M. Ghanderhari

SP-216-2: Effect of Specimen Size on the Compressive Response of High Strength Concrete Containing Fibers and Spiral Steel Reinforcement

by G. Campione and S. Mindess

SP-216-3: High Strength Lightweight Aggregate Fiber-Reinforced Concrete (HS-LWA FRC) Filled Steel Tube Columns for Increased Seismic Resistance

by J. Punchin, N. Krstulovic-Opara, and B. Brezac

SP-216-4: Fiber Reinforced High Strength Concrete: Residual Strength and Pore Structure Subjected to High Temperatures

by X. Luo, W. Sun, Y.M. Zhang, and S.Y.N. Chan

SP-216-5: Strength and Size Effects in Fiber Reinforced Materials

by S. Cattaneo and G. Rosati

SP-216-6: Shear Capacity of Concrete Beams Containing Longitudinal Reinforcement and Steel Fibers

by D. Dupont and L.Vanderwalle

SP-216-7: Steel Belted...Steel Fibers Reinforce Houston's Beltway 8

by J.H. Loper and C.P.Henry

SP-216-8: Fiber-Reinforced Cement for Piezoelectricity and Pyroelectricity

by S. Wen and D.D.L Chung

SP-216-9: Dynamic Splitting Tensile Strength of SFRC - An Experimental and Numerical Investigation

by T.S. Lok and G. Lu

SP-216-10: A New Look at Tensile Creep of Fiber-Reinforced Concrete

by S.A. Altoubat and D.A. Lange

SP-216-11: Tensile Response of HPFRC Composites Using Twisted Polygonal Steel Fibers

by C. Sujivorakul and A.E. Naaman

SP-216-12: A Design Method for Punching Shear Strength of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete Slabs

by D.D. Theodoarakopoulos and R.N. Swamy

SP-216-13: Crack Growth Resistance of Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Under Drop-Weight Impact Loading

by V. Bindiganavile and N. Banthia

SP-216-14: Fiber Reinforcement for Minimizing Spalling in High Strength Concrete Structural Members Exposed to Fire

by V.K.R. Kodur


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