SP-214: Polymers in Concrete: The First Thirty Years

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Editors: Albert O. Kaeding & Richard C Prusinski


This Syposium Publication is a compilation of 17 papers traces the history, development, and applications of polymer concrete. Topics include polymer concrete overlays for the repair and protection of concrete, long-term durability of sulfur concrete in harsh chemical environments, precasting with polymer concrete, and long-term durability studies.


Document Details

Publication Year: 2003

Pages: 218

ISBN: 9780870311154

Categories: Polymer Concrete

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents


SP-214—1: History of ACI Committee 548: The Past Thirty Years

by J. T. Dikeou

SP-214—2: Fifty Years’ History of Polymers in Concrete in Review

by W. S. Wahby

SP-214—3: Development and Applications of Various Polymer Concrete Engineering Materials

by J. J. Fontana

SP-214—4: How Polyester Polymer Concrete Highway and Bridge Deck Overlays Became “State of the Art”

by J. Maass

SP-214—5: Twenty-Five-Year Experience with Polymer Concrete Bridge Deck Overlays

by M. Sprinkel

SP-214—6: Development of Polymer Impregnated Concrete

by G. W. DePuy

SP-214—7: Polymer Impregnation Repairs of Cavitation/Erosion Damage at Dworshak Dam

by E. K. Schrader and S. B. Tatro

SP-214—8: The Cass County Jail—28 Years Later

by A. O. Kaeding

SP-214—9: Polymer Concrete: A Historic Artifact?

by R. C. Prusinski and C. Bodea

SP-214—10: Polymers in Concrete: Where Have We Been and Where Are We Going?

by D. W. Fowler

SP-214—11: Precasting with Polymer Concrete—The Anatomy of a Dome

by C. Bodea

SP-214—12: Long-Term Durability Studies of Acrylic Polymer Modified Cement

by D. A. Schmidt

SP-214—13: Polymer Concrete Overlays for the Repair and Protection of Concrete

by G. W. DePuy and F. E. Dimmick, Sr.

SP-214—14: Curtain Wall Panels

by A. O. Kaeding and R. Prusinski

SP-214—15: Self-Repair Epoxy Modified Mortar for Rehabilitation and

Strengthening Applications Using FRP

by M. M. Reda Taha

SP-214—16: Long-Term Durability of Sulphur Concrete in Harsh Chemical Environments

by G. J. Fallis

SP-214—17: Testing a Polymer Concrete Coating for Dry and Wet Concrete

and Clay Brick Wastewater Facilities

by J. Liu and C. Vipulanandan


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