SP-213: The Art and Science of Structural Concrete Design

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Editor: S. Ali Mirza


A compilation of 13 papers on topics that include high-strength high-performance concrete columns and biaxial bending, the rold of FRP reinforcement and strut-and-tie models, the use of precast prestressed concrete in building and highway pavements, composite steel-concrete construction, and the teaching of structural concrete design.


Document Details

Publication Year: 2003

Pages: 246

ISBN: 9780870311147

Categories: Design

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents

SP-213—1: Precast Prestressed Concrete Pavement

by N. H. Burns, D. K. Merritt, and B. F. McCullough

SP-213—2: Improved Teaching of Structural Concrete Design

by R. N. White

SP-213—3: Compressive Behavior of High-Strength High-Performance Concrete Under Biaxial Loading

by E. G. Nawy, D. H. Lim, and K. L. McPherson

SP-213—4: Design of Rectangular HSC Columns for Ductility

by O. Bayrak and S. A. Sheikh

SP-213—5: Design of High-Strength Concrete Columns for Strength and Ductility

by M. Saatcioglu

SP-213—6: Precast Concrete for High Seismic Regions

by G. S. Cheok and H. S. Lew

SP-213—7: Shear Strength of Lightweight Concrete Beams with Stirrups Near Code Minimum

by J. A. Ramirez

SP-213—8: Design Rules for Composite Construction in Retrospect

by I. M. Viest

SP-213—9: Reliant Stadium—A New Standard for Football

by L. G. Griffis, A. Wahidi, and M. C. Waggoner

SP-213—10: Composite RCS Space Frame Systems: Previous and Current Studies

by J. M. Bracci, S. Powanusorn, and J. P. Steele

SP-213—11: Finite Element Analysis of Composite Steel-Concrete Columns

by S. A. Mirza and E. A. Lacroix

SP-213—12: Flexural Ductility of CFRP Strengthened Concrete Beams—Experimental Investigation

by R. S. Aboutaha, P. Wattanadechachan, and S. H. Kim

SP-213—13: My View of Richard W. Furlong—Colleague

by N. H. Burns


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