SP-212: Sixth CANMET/ACI: Durability of Concrete

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Editor: V.M. Malhotra


These proceedings of the Sixth CANMET/ACI International Conference on Durability of Concrete held in June of 2003 in Greece contain 69 papers on topics that include large girders subjected to alkali-silica reaction, effects of the moisture condition of concrete on steel corrosion, effect of mixing different sizes of synthetic fibers in concrete, durability of porous concrete, low cement-content shotcrete, and the risk of steel corrosion in recycled aggregate concrete.


Document Details

Publication Year: 2003

Pages: 1161

ISBN: 9780870311130

Categories: Durability

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents

SP-212—1: Service Life Demonstration Based on

Simulated Exposure and Numerical Modelling

by N. R. Buenfeld

SP-212—2: Low-Heat Development in Flowing Concretes for Massive Structures

by A. Borsoi, S. Collepardi, R. Troli, and M. Collepardi

SP-212—3: Several Factors Regarding Sustainability of Marine Concrete Structures

by T. U. Mohammed, H. Hamada, and N. Otsuki

SP-212—4: Long-Term Durability of Surface Protection Systems

by M. Raupach and L. Wolff

SP-212—5: Physical, Chemical and Mechanical Analysis of a Reinforced Concrete Beam Corroded in Chloride Environment

by T. Vidal, A. Castel, and R. François

SP-212—6: Method to Quantify the Thickness of Coating Mortars

as Concrete Cover for Reinforcement

by P. Alaejos and A. Leiro

SP-212—7: Textile Reinforced Concrete (TRC)—Durability Aspects of Fine Grained Binder Systems

by W. Brameshuber and T. Brockmann

SP-212—8: Improving the Durability of Accelerated Cured Precast Concrete

with Simultaneous Curing and Protective Coating

by M. Brugger

SP-212—9: Sacrificial Cathodic Protection of RC-Structures Using a

Zinc-Hydrogel Anode—Investigations on the Effectiveness

by M. Raupach and M. Bruns

SP-212—10: Twenty Years of In-Situ Exposure to Extremely Aggressive Environment of 36 Edge Beams Cast Using Silica Fume, Fly Ash and Polypropylene Fibres

by B. Buhr, E. S. Larsen, K. Eriksen, E. Stoltzner, and P. Fidjestøl

SP-212—11: Critical Chloride Content for the Corrosion of Steel Fibres in

Artificial Concrete Pore Solutions

by M. Raupach and C. Dauberschmidt

SP-212—12: Use of Fracture Mechanics Parameters to Monitor Concrete Deterioration Due to Delayed Ettringite Formation

by L. Bergol, G. Di Pace, C. Rocco, S. Szteimberg, and L. Zitzer

SP-212—13: Design of Self Compacting Concrete for Durability Application of Prescriptive vs. Performance-Based Specifications

by G. Fornasier, C. Fava , L. Fernández Luco, and L. Zitzer

SP-212—14: An Evaluation of Methods for Measuring Heavy Metal Leaching from Concrete Structures

by K. Kawai and T. Kaya

SP-212—15: Influence of Mineral Admixtures on the Autogenous Shrinkage and Porosity of High-Strength Concrete

by M. S. Konsta-Gdoutos, J. K. Dattatreya, and S. P. Shah

SP-212—16: Quantifying Relative Performance of Protection Systems for Use in Specifying Concrete for Chloride Exposures

by M. J. McCarthy and A. Giannakou

SP-212—17: Effect of Construction Joint Preparation on Corrosion of Reinforcing Bars Under Atmospheric Environment

by T. U. Mohammed and H. Hamada

SP-212—18: Use of Hydrophobic Agents as Concrete Admixtures

by G. Moriconi and F. Tittarelli

SP-212—19: Diagnosis and Prognosis of Alkali-Aggregate Reactivity in Concrete Structures

by V. Corinaldesi and G. Moriconi

SP-212—20: Large Girders Subjected to Alkali-Silica Reaction

by S. Multon, J.-F. Seignol, and F. Toutlemonde

SP-212—21: Mechanical Properties and Durability of Concrete Pavements Containing High Volumes of Fly Ash

by T. R. Naik, R. N. Kraus, B. W. Ramme, and R. Siddique

SP-212—22: Durability of Magnesia-Phosphate Grouts in Sulfate Solutions

by J. Péra, E. Soudée, and J. Ambroise

SP-212—23: Effect of Curing on Durability of Fly Ash Concrete

by T. Özturan and M. E. Batopçu

SP-212—24: An Homogenisation Theory to Study the Aggregate Size Range Effect on ASR Swelling: Numerical Implementation and Experimental Fitting

by S. Poyet, A. Sellier, B. Capra, G. Thevenin, J. M. Torrenti, S. Prene, H. Tournier and E. Bourdarot

SP-212—25: Modelling Chloride Ingress in Concrete: A Comparative Study of Laboratory and Field Experience

by T. Callanan and M. Richardson

SP-212—26: Investigations on the Long-Term Durability of Hydrophobic Treatments on Concrete

by M. Raupach and L. Wolff

SP-212—27: Durability of SCC Concrete Structures in Switzerland

by J. Schlumpf

SP-212—28: Influence of Concentration of Ammonium Nitrate Solutions on Concrete

by U. Schneider and S.-W. Chen

SP-212—29: A Comparative Study of the Properties and Durability of Binary and Ternary Cementitious Systems

by C. Shiathas, T. Z. Muntasser, and S. O. Nwaubani

SP-212—30: Towards a Global System for Preventing Alkali-Reactivity: The Continuing Work of RILEM TC 191-ARP

by I. Sims and P. J. Nixon

SP-212—31: Effects of Early Age Curing on Durability-Related Properties of Concrete

by E. Agbasi and N. Buenfeld

SP-212—32: Factors Influencing Life Cycle Cost of RC Members

by T. Iba and H. Seki

SP-212—33: Diagnosis of a Case of Harmless Alkali-Silica Reaction in a Cracked Concrete Pavement

by L. Fernández Luco and R. J. Torrent

SP-212—34: Effects of the Moisture Condition of Concrete on Steel Corrosion

by K. Yamamoto and Y. Masuda

SP-212—35: Quantitative Evaluation of Structural Performance of Reinforced Concrete Beams Damaged by Corrosion of Reinforcing Bars

by H. Yokota, M. Iwanami, and F. Sato

SP-212—36: Mixing Effect of Different Sizes of Synthetic Fibers on Concrete

by K. Sakata, M. A. El-Wafa, and T. Ayano

SP-212—37: Corrosion Inhibitors for Reinforced Concrete: Effect of Organic Substances

by F. Bolzoni, G. Fumagalli, S. Goidanich, L. Lazzari, M. Ormellese, and M. P. Pedeferri

SP-212—38: Deterioration of Outside Walls Made with Concrete Blocks Containing Pyrite

by J. L. Gallias

SP-212—39: Relative Humidity Measured by Wooden Stick Method in Concrete Structures: Long Term Measurements and Reduction of Humidity by Surface Treatment

by V. Jensen

SP-212—40: Experimental Study of Fracture of Reinforced Steel Bar in Concrete Structures Due to Alkali-Silica Expansion

by Y. Kubo, O. Iketomi, T. Nakashima, and K. Torii

SP-212—41: Performance of Epoxy-Coated Reinforcement in Cracked Concrete in Marine Environment

by I. L. Kondratova, P. Montes, and T. W. Bremner

SP-212—42: Durability of Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete

by A. Lambrechts, D. Nemegeer, J. Vanbrabant, and H. Stang

SP-212—43: Design Formats for Chloride Service Lifetime Based on Probabalistic Modeling and Analysis

by B. J. Leira, O. Skjølsvold, J. Lindgård, and F. Fluge

SP-212—44: Carbonation: A Probabilistic Approach to Derive Provisions for Prescriptive Requirements in Codes and Standards

by M. Maage

SP-212—45: Norwegian Experience in the Use of Pozzolans to Reduce Chloride-Ion Intrusion

by J. Lindgård, O. Skjølsvold, and K. Kjellsen

SP-212—46: Chloride Penetration Testing of Silica Fume Concretes Under Persian Gulf Conditions

by M. Ghalibafian, M. Shekarchi, A. Zare, and M. Tadaiion

SP-212—47: Durability of Porous Concrete

by M. Tamai and M. Yoshida

SP-212—48: Sulfate Resistance of Lime-Pozzolan-Cement Grouts

by E.-E. Toumbakari and D. A. Van Gemert

SP-212—49: An Integrated Approach to Identify ASR Distress in Airfield Concrete Pavements

by A. K. Mukhopadhyay, D. G. Zollinger, and S. L. Sarkar

SP-212—50: The Influence of Wick Action on Chloride Transport in Concrete

by J. M. Aldred and B. V. Rangan

SP-212—51: Natural Ageing of Different Moulding Products Used in Replacement of Stone Sculptures

by G. Fronteau, P. Bromblet, and F. Boutin

SP-212—52: Durability of Masonry Mortar

by S. Guirguis, S. J. Lawrence, and W. Samarasinghe

SP-212—53: Shrinkage Behavior of Very Dense Cement Pastes

by J. Kaufmann and T. Matschei

SP-212—54: Performance of Concrete with an Intended Working Life of 50 Years

by A. B. Ribeiro, A. Gonçalves, M. Salta, and A. Machado

SP-212—55: Some Properties of Concrete with Highly Active Rice-Husk Ash

by H. Yamamichi, F. Qingge, M. Shoya, and S. Sugita

SP-212—56: Effect of Thermal Changes on Expansion Caused by Alkali Aggregate Reaction in a Concrete Retinaing Wall

by A. Yonekura, H. Ito, K. Kuribayashi, Y. Fujita, and M. Usio

SP-212—57: Effects of Environment on Repair Materials: Results of a Five-Year Research Project

by L. Courard, A. Darimont, R. Degeimbre, and J. Wiertz

SP-212—58: Resistance to Sulfate Attack of Mixtures with Limestone-Portland Blended Cements

by M. Collepardi, S. Monosi, O. Favoni, and J. J. Ogouman Olagot

SP-212—59: Recycled Materials in Concrete Barriers

by P. A. Claisse, A. Atkinson, E. Ganjian, and M. Tyrer

SP-212—60: Mechanical Characteristics of High Performance Fibre Reinforced Concretes at Elevated Temperatures

by K. K. Sideris, P. Manita, A. Papageorgiou, and E. Chaniotakis

SP-212—61: Delayed Ettringite Formation in Concrete: Tests Based on Drying and Wetting Cycles

by A. Pavoine and L. Divet

SP-212—62: Low Cement Content Shotcrete

by F. J. Wombacher, U. Maeder, and M. Sommer

SP-212—63: Investigation of Dispersion Levels of Silica Fume in Pastes, Mortars, and Concrete

by D. Baweja, T. Cao, and L. Bucea

SP-212—64: Damage Assessment of Concrete Structures Exposed to Aggressive Marine Environment by NDT and Laboratory Techniques

by A. Moropoulou, G. Batis, A. Bakolas, M. Karoglou, and E. Aggelakopoulou

SP-212—65: The Risk of Corrosion of Steel in Recycled Aggregate Concrete

by L. Friedl, A. Volkwein, and P. Schießl

SP-212—66: Study on Performance of Concrete Using Ecocement

by S. Tanaka, T. Nakamura, S. Meiarashi, and H. Kawano

SP-212—67: Frost Resistance and Air Void System of Self-Compacting Concrete Incorporating Slag as a Fine Aggregate

by M. Shoya, M. Aba, Y. Tsukinaga, and K. Tokuhashi

SP-212—68: Laboratory Tests for Evaluation of Corrosion Inhibitor Efficiency

by L. Coppola, T. Cerulli, L. Lazzari, C. Maltese, and M. Ormellese

SP-212—69: Predicting the Microstructural Degradation of Concrete in Marine Environment

by J. Marchand, E. Samson, D. Burke, P. Tourney, N. Thaulow, and S. Sahu


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