SP-211: Large-Scale Structural Testing

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Editor: Mohsen A. Issa & Y.L. Mo


To date, most structural tests are based on small-scale tests to verify the accuracy of analytical models. Small-scale tests can allow the mechanics (modes) of failure to be examined carefully at a fractional cost of full-scale testing. Full-scale tests render the realistic behavior of structures; however, they require large-scale testing facilities and an enormous amount of manpower in addition to being very expensive to set up and run. Whether large or small in scale, testing of structures and structural components are deemed vital in predicting field performance. This document demonstrates the effective use of various facilities to provide the realistic behavior of concrete structures through large-scale testing.


Document Details

Publication Year: 2003

Pages: 372

ISBN: 9780870311086

Categories: Testing

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents

SP-211-1: Fatigue Testing of Two Full-Sized Pre-Cracked AASHTO

Bridge Girders

by P.Zia, M.J. Kowalsky, G.C. Ellen, and S.E. Longo

SP-211-2: Full-Scale Testing of Wacker Drive Viaduct Prototype

by J. Pearson, G. Klein, M.A. Issa, and S. Kaderbeck

SP-211-3: Strongback Beam for 7-Wire Unbonded Monstrand Evaluation

by C. MacDougall and F.M. Bartlett

SP-211-4: Full Scale Load Tests of Canada Place Pier, Vancouver

by O.S. Ooi, F. Bjork, G.J. Harrison, and N.A. Cumming

SP-211-5: Flextural and Shear Strengthenings of RC Beams Using Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Laminates

by C.-T.T. Hsu, W. Punurai, and Z. Zhang

SP-211-6: Shear Tests on Beams Cut from ASR-Affected Bridge Decks

by J.A. den Uijl and N. Kaptijn

SP-211-7: Pseudo-Dynamic and Forced Vibration Tests of a Full Size Two-Story Reinforced High-Performance Concrete Building

by P. Paultre, J. Proulx, S. Mousseau, T. Prevost, and C. Savard

SP-211-8: Lateral Load Tests of Unbonded Post-Tension Precast Concrete Walls

by F.J. Perez, S. Pessiki, R. Sause, and L.-W. Lu

SP-211-9: Seismic Jacketing of RC Columns for Enhanced Axial Load Carrying Performance

by K.-C. Tsai and M.-L. Lin

SP-211-10: Experimental and Analytical Studies on Large-Scale Reinforce Concrete Framed Shear Walls

by Y.J. Chiou, Y.L. Mo, F.P. Hsiao, Y.W. Liou, and M.S. Sheu

SP-211-11: Seismic Performance of Outrigger Beam-Wall Conncections

by B.M> Shahrooz, G. Tunc, and J.T. Deason

SP-211-12: Effect of Openings on Structural Performance of Unreinfoced Masonry Infilled Frames

by G. Al-Chaar, G.E. Lamp, and M.A. Issa

SP-211-13: Repair of Large Scale Reinforced Concrete Framed Shear Walls with Opening

by Y.J. Chiou, Y.W. Liou, Y.L. Mo, F.P. Hsiao, M.S. Sheu, and C.T. Shih

SP-211-14: Test Set-Up for Testing Full Scale Continuous Reinforced Concrete Flat Slabs Under Vertical Loads

by A.G. Sherif and W.H. Dilger

SP-211-15: Full-Scale Testing of Seal Slab/Pile Interface Bond

by G. Mullins, R. Sen, R. Sosa, and M.A. Issa

SP-211-16: Important Aspects of Executing Large Scale Load Tests

by J. Warner


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