SP-210: Deflection Control for The Future

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(This Symposium Publication contains papers presented during the 2002 ACI Spring Convention in Detroit, including six papers related to predicting the deflections of concrete members reinforced with fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) reinforcement: one paper describes two field investigations, two unique laboratory investigations, a paper on estimating the errors in calculating deflections of high-performance concrete slabs, and a comparison of the ACI and EC2 deflection provisions. This volume should be read in association with Symposium Publication SP-203, Code Provisions for Deflection Control in Concrete.)


Document Details

Author: Editor: NJ Gardner

Publication Year: 2003

Pages: 250

ISBN: 9780870311079

Categories: Deflections

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents


SP-210—1: Construction Loads and Serviceability Requirements:

Deflection Control, Span/Thickness Limitations

by D. Kaminetzky and P. C. Stivaros

SP-210—2: Influence of Reinforcement Size and Distribution

on Deflections of RC Members

by M. A. Polak, K. G. Blackwell, and D. T. Killen

SP-210—3: Deflections of Flat Plate Floors with Irregular Column Layout

by S. Teng and Tavio

SP-210—4: Estimating the Error in Calculated Deflections of HPC Slabs:

A Parametric Study Using the Theory of Error Propagation

by M. M. Reda Taha and M. A. Hassanain

SP-210—5: A Comparison of the ACI and EC2 Codes Provisions

for Flexural Deflection

by F. A. Malhas and A. Rahman

SP-210—6: Rational Procedure for Calculating Deflections of

RC Beams Strengthened with FRP

by H. A. Rasheed, H. Charkas, and H. G. Melhem

SP-210—7: Design of FRP Reinforced Concrete for Serviceability

by D. Svecova, S. H. Rizkalla, and G. Tadros

SP-210—8: Deflection Behaviour of Concrete Beams Reinforced

with Carbon FRP Composite Bars

by C. Kassem, E. El-Salakawy, and B. Benmokrane

SP-210—9: Rational Method for Calculating Deflection of

Continuous FRP R/C Beams

by A. G. Razaqpur and O. B. Isgor

SP-210—10: Flexural Stiffness of High Strength Concrete Beams

Reinforced with GFRP Bars

by J. R. Yost, S. P. Gross, and D. W. Dinehart

SP-210—11: Deflection Assessment of an FRP-Reinforced Concrete Bridge

by D. D. Kleinhans, A. Prota, and A. Nanni



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