SP-207: Proceedings, Third International Conference on High Performance Concrete: Performance and Quality of Concrete St

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Editor: V.M.Malhotra, Paulo Helene, Enio P.Figueirdo & Armando Carneiro


This Symposium Publication includes 30 papers selected from the Third Conference on High-Performance Concrete (HPC) and Performance and Quality of Concrete Structures, held in Brazil. Topics covered include chloride penetration models in reinforced concrete structures, high-strength concrete with crushed and natural sand, sewage sludge ash as an addition in concrete, and the mechanical properties of polymer-modified high-performance lighweight aggregate concrete.


Document Details

Publication Year: 2002

Pages: 514

ISBN: 9780870310799

Categories: High Performance Concrete

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents

Behavior of High-Performance Concrete Subjected to

Biaxial Tension-Compression Stresses

High-Performance Concrete Using Fly-Ash

Strength and Chemical Resistance of Mortars Containing Brick

Manufacturing Clays Subjected to Different Heat Treatments.

The Conventional Concrete of Cana Brava Hydroelectric Plant

Fiber-Reinforced High-Strength Concrete: Evaluation of Failure


Tensile Behavior of Steel Fiber-Reinforced Concrete-Evaluation of

a Test Methodology

Study of Use of Sewage Sludge-Ash as an Addition in Concrete

Ultra High-Performance Concrete is Ideal for Protective Structures

A Simple Model to Explain Compressive Strength of High-Performance

Influence of Curing on Chloride Ions Penetration in Concretes

Influence of the Saturation Degree of Concrete on Chloride Diffusion:

Laboratory and Field Tests in Marine Structure 22-Year Old

High-Strength Concrete with Crushed and Natural Sand

Performance of Polymer Modified Lightweight Aggregate Concrete

Under Different Curing Conditions

A Critical Analysis of Chloride Penetration Models in Reinforced Concrete Structures

Shrinkage-Compensating Concrete Made with Different Cement

Types for Industrial Floors

SEM Analysis of the Paste-Aggregate Interface in Concrete Containing Silica Fume

Comparison Between Accelerated and Natural Carbonation

Results in Different Concretes

Minimum Reinforcement in High-Strength Concrete Beams

Development of Compressive and Tensile Strength of HSC under Steam Curing Using the Maturity Approach

HSC Designed by Three Mixture Proportioning Methods: How

Much Different are They?

Precast High-Performance Concrete

Application of High-Performance Concrete to the Connection

Between Precast Beam and Precast Slab

Experimental Results of Fracture Energy and Brittleness Number for

High-Performance Concrete Specified in Brazil

Creep and Drying Shrinkage of High-Performance Concrete

Bearing Capacity of Preast High-Strength Concrete Columns

Connected by Mortar Joints

Mechanical Properties of Polymer Modified High-Performance

Lightweight Aggregate Concrete

Ternary Blended Cements for High-Performance Concrete

Shear Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Beams with the Addition

of Short Steel Fibers

Comparative Study of Natural And Accelerated Carbonation Tests

of HPC with Pozzolans: A Preliminary Approach

Cement paste Optimization for High-Performance Concrete


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