SP-206: Concrete: Material Science to Application - A Tribute to Surendra P. Shah

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Editors: P. Balaguru, A. Naaman & W. Weiss


Researchers and educators who specialize in the material science of concrete will find a lot to interest and challenge them in this Symposium Publication. It contains 35 papers presented at a symposium honoring Surendra P. Shah, Director, Center for Advanced Cement-Based Materials, Northwestern University. Shah has made many contributions to the knowledge of concrete material science, fracture mechanics, high-performance concrete, and fiber-reinforced concrete—all subjects that were covered at the symposium.

Topics for the presented papers include:

- Advances in fatigue and fracture;

- Creep, shrinkage, and early-age cracking; and

- Laminated and fiber reinforced cement composites.

The last group of papers covers the future of research and education in concrete, with topics ranging from fracture mechanics applications for concrete to sustainable development for concrete. Thus, SP-206 examines the past, present, and future of concrete material science.


Document Details

Publication Year: 2002

Pages: 580

ISBN: 9780870310751

Categories: Materials

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents



Failure Mechanism of Reinforced Concrete Elements Under Cyclic Loading

by T.C. Hsu and M.Y. Mansour

Fatigue Fracture and Crack Propagation in Concrete Subjected to Tensile

Biaxial Stresses

by K.V. Subramaniam, J.S. Popovics, and S.P. Shah

Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Beams Strengthened with Composites

Subjected to Fatigue Loading

by C.G. Papkonstantinou, P.N. Balaguru, and M.F. Petrou

Fatigue Investigation of the Steel-Free Bridge Deck Slabs

by A.A. Mufti, A.H. Memon, B. Bakht, and N. Banthia

Mechanical Behavior of the Interface Between Substrate and Repair


by P. Paramasivam, K.C.G. Ong, and W. Xu

Fatigue Characteristics of Fiber Reinforced Concrete for Pavement


by V.S. Gopalaratnam and T. Cherian

Assessment of Stresses in Reinforcement of Kishwaukee River Bridge

by J. Halvonik and M.W. Wang

Some Australian Code Developments in the Design of Concrete Structures

by B.V. Ranan


Holistic Approach to Corrosion of Steel in Concrete

by N.S. Berke, M.C. Hicks, J.J. Malone, and K.A. Rieder

Study of the Behavior of Concrete with Shrinkage Reducing Admixtures

Subjected to Long-Term Drying

by R. Gettu, J. Roncero, and M.A. Martin

Influence of Superplasticizer on the Volume Stability of Hydrating Cement

Pastes at an Early Age

by B. Bissonnette, J. Marchand, C. Martel, and M. Pigeon

Grip-Specimen Interaction in Uniaxial Restrained Test

by S.A. Altoubat and D.A. Lange

Using Acoustic Emission to Monitor Damage Development in Mortars

Restrained from Volumetric Changes

by T. Chariton and W.J. Weiss

Modeling of Restrained Shrinkage Cracking in Concrete Materials

by S.A. Mane, T.K. Desai, D. Kingsbury, and B. Mobasher

Field Study of the Early-Age Behavior of Jointed Plain Concrete Pavements

by H.L. Chen, T.H. Schell, and J.G. Sweet

Premature Transverse Slab Cracking of Jointed Plain Concrete Pavement-

Environmental and Traffic Effects

by W. Hansen, D.L. Smiley, Y.Peng, and E. A. Jensen

Evaluation of Bond-Slip Behavior of Twisted Wire Strand Steel Fibers

Embedded in Cement Matrix

by C. Sujivorakul and A.E. Naaman

Early Age Stress-Hydration Kinetics and Thermomechanics

by I. Pane and W. Hansen

Thermal and Chemical Activation of High Fly-ash Content Cement Based


by S. Mane and B. Mobasher

Laminated and Fiber Reinforced Cement Composites

Ferrocement: International Revival

by A.E. Naaman

Textile Fabrics for Cement Composites

by A. Peeled and A. Bentur

Thin Plates Prestressed with Textile Reinforcement

by H.W. Reinhardt, M. Kruger, and C.U. Grosse

Advances in ECC Research

by V.C. Li

PVA Polymer Modified Glass Fiber Reinforced Cementitious Composites

by Z. Li, A.C.P. Liu, and C.K.Y. Leung

Fiber Reinforced Cement Based Composites Under Drop Weight Impact

Loading: Test Equipment & Material Influences

by N. Banthia and V. Bindiganavile

Electrical Resistance of Carbon Fiber Cement Composites Under


by F. Reza, G.B. Batson, J.A. Yamamuro, and J.S. Lee

Strength, Toughness and Durability of Extruded Cement Boards with

Unbleached Kraft Pulp

by Y. Shao and S. Moras

Development and Seismic Behavior of High-Performance Composite


by N. Krstulovic-Opara and V. Kilnar


Applications of Fracture Mechanics to Concrete:

Where Do We Go From Here?

by S. Mindess

Vertex Effect and Confinement of Fracturing Concrete Via Microplane

Model M4

by Z.P. Bazant, F.C. Caner, and J. Cervenka

Concrete and Sustainable Development

by C. Meyer

Concrete for Freshmen

by E.N. Landis and W.P. Manion

The Education Connection: From Research to the Web

by S.H. Kosmatka

Improving Effectiveness of Research in the Classroom Through Teamwork

by D.C. Jansen

Engineering Mechanics and Structural Materials Research in the

Twenty-First Century

by K.P. Chong

Appendix A: Current and Former Masters and Doctorate Students, Post

Doctorate Fellows, and Visiting Researchers

Appendix B: Resume for Surendra P. Shah


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