SP-195: The Sixth Canmet/ACI Conference on Superplasticizers and Other Chemical Admixtures in Concrete

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Editor: V.M. Malhotra


This Symposium Publication includes 37 papers selected from the conference that took place in Nice, France, in October 2000. Topics include effects of superplasticizers, interaction of admixtures with calcium aluminate cements, lignosulfates, admixtures for improving resistance to chemical attack, effects of admixtures on concrete shrinkage, and many more.


Document Details

Publication Year: 2000

Pages: 642

ISBN: 9780870316937

Categories: Admixtures

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents

Trends in Concrete Chemical Admixtures for the 21st Century

by N. Spiratos and C. Jolicoeur

Effect of Superplasticizer Type on Performance of High-Volume Fly Ash Concrete

by A. Borsoi, S. Collepardi, L. Coppola, R. Troli, and M. Collepardi

Electrosteric Repulsion Induced by Superplasticizers Between Cement Particles-An Overlooked Mechanism

by R.J. Flatt, Y.F. Houst, P. Bowen, and H. Hofmann

Valorization of Modified Starch in Mortars

by L.J. Wolf and J. Pera

Chemical Interaction of Di-Phosphonate Terminated Monofunctional Polyoxyethylene Superplasticizer with Hydrating Tricalcium Silicate

by C. Comparet, A. Nonat, S. Pourchet, J.P. Guicquero, E. Gartner, and M. Mosquet

Action Mechanisms of Comb-Type Superplasticizers Containing Grafted Polyehylene Oxide Chains

by E. Sakai, J.K. Kang, and M. Daimon

Interaction of Superplasticizers with Calcium Aluminate Cements

by H. Fryda, V. Gachet, P. Bost, and K.L. Scrivener

Mode of Action of Superplasticizers

by T.A. Burge

Effect of Modifications of Lignosulfonate on Adsorption on Cement and Fresh Concrete Properties

by K. Reknes and J. Gustafsson

Rheology of High-Performance Concrete-Effect of Superplasticizer and Silica Fume

by R. Duval, E.H. Kadri, J.P. Bigas, and W. Luhowiak

Effect of Chemical Structure on Fluidizing Mechanism of Concrete Superplasticizer Containing Polyethylene Oxide Graft Chains

by M. Kinoshita, T. Nawa, M. Iida, and H. Ichiboji

Adsorption and Dispersion Properties of Lignosulfonates in Model Suspension and Cement Paste

by J. Gustafsson and K. Reknes

Influence of Temperature on Fluidity of Cement Paste Containing Superplasticizer with Polyethylene Oxide Graft Chains

by T. Nawa, H. Ichiboji, and M. Knoshita

Study of Dispersing Effects of Polycarboxylate-based Dispersant On Fine Particles

by A. Ohta, T. Sugiyama, and T. Uomoto

Interaction Between Superplasticizers and Limestone Blended Cements-Rheological Study

by I. Torresan, R. Magarotto, and N. Zeminian

Effect of Welan Gum-Superplasticizers and Limestone and Blended Cements-Rheological Study

by K.H. Khayat and M. Saric-Coric

Development of New Superplasticizers and Its Application to Self-Compacting Concrete

by D. Hamada, T. Sato, F. Yamato, and T. Mizunauma

Effect of Viscosity Enhancing Agent on Self-compactabiltiy of Fresh Concrete

by M. Hibino

Comparitive Study of Influence of Superplasticizers and Superplasticizers/Plasticizer Blend on Slump-loss

by A. Gncalves and A. Bettencourt-Ribeiro

Migrating Corrosion Inhibiting Admixtures Documentation Tests and Model for Increase of Service Lifetime

by E. Poulsen, J.E. Risberg, and J.E. Stilling

Influence of Polymer Modification on Resistance of Concrete to Sulfic Acid

by J. Monteny, L. Taerwe, E. Vincke, W. Verstraete, and N. De Belie

Working Mechanism of Poly-Beta-Naphthalene Sulfonate and Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer Types from Point of Cement Paste Characteristics

by K. Yamada, S. Ogawa, and S. Hanehara

Influence of Silica Fume/Fly Ash/Superplasticizer Combinations in Powder-Like Complex Modifiers on Cement Paste Porosity and Concrete Properties

by S. Kaprielov and A. Sheinfeld

New Carboxylic Acid-Based Superplasticizer for High Performance Concrete

by Y.C. Tseng, W.L. Wu, H.L. Huang, C.T. Wang, and K.C. Hsu

Freezing and Thawing Resistance of Concrete Using Shrinkage-Reducing Admixture

by H. Kamimoto, K. Ishikawa, and Y. Uchida

Influence of Silane-Based Hydrophobic Admixture on Oxygen Diffusion Through Concrete Cement Matrix

by F. Tittarelli, G. Moriconi, and R. Fratesi

Modified Reactive Powder Concrete with Artificial Aggregates

by S. Monosi, G. Pignoloni, S. Collepardi, R. Troli, M. Collepardi

Evaluation of Effect of Chemical Admixture and Supplementary Cementitious Materials on Stability of Cement-Based Materials Using In-Situ Conductivity Method

by C. Jolicoeur, K. H. Khayat, T. Pavate, and M. Page

Effect of Sodium Sulfate Addition on Properties of Cement Pasters Containing Different Molecular Weight PNS Superplasticizers

by B.G. Kim, S. Jiang, and P.C. Aitcin

Influence of Carboxylic Acid-Carboxylic Ester Ratio of Carboxylic Acid Ester Superplasticizer on Characteristics of Cement Mixtures

by G. Ferrari, T. Cerulli, P. Clemente, M. Dragoni, M. Gamba, and F. Surico

Study of Local Tint Defects on Concrete Surfaces-Influence of Superplasticizers and Other Parameters

by I. Lallemant, P. Rougeau, J.L. Gallias, and R. Cabrillac

In-Situ Conductivity Method for Monitoring Segregation, Bleeding, and Strength Development in Cement-Based Materials

by T.V. Pavate, K.H. Khayat, and C. Jolicoeur

Interaction Between Poly-Napthalene Solfonate-Type Superplasticizers and Cements During Initial Hydration

Synergistic Interaction of Condensed Polyacrylic Acid-Aminated Polyether Superplasticizer with Calcium Salts

by A.A. Jeknavorian, N.S. Berke, J.C. Connolly, and J. Prescott

Influence of Plasticizers and Superplasticizers on Chemical Shrinkage of Cement

by H. Justnes, E.J. Sellevold, D. Van Gemert, A. Van Gemert, and F. Verboven

Performance of Novel Naphthalene-Based Copolymer as Superplasticizer for Concrete

by M. Page, A. Moldovan, and N. Spiratos


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