SP-191: Water-Cement Ratio and Other Durability Parameters

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Editor: Mohammad S. Khan


This publication should be of interest to individuals involved in concrete failure investigations, particularly those related t o durability, and in quality control efforts aimed at assuring a durable structure. Academics, researchers, materials engineers, forensic engineers, and materials producers should all benefit from the information presented in this publication.


Document Details

Publication Year: 1999

Pages: 117

ISBN: 9780870310461

Categories: Durability

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents

Concrete Durability-Influencing Factors and Testing

by S.W. Forster

Comparison of Known and Determined Water-Cement Ratio in Hardened Concrete by Optical Fluorence Microscopy

by J.J. Liu and M.S. Khan

Determination of Water-Cement Ratio in Hardened Concrete by Optical Fluorescence Microscopy

Paste Microhardness-Promising Technique for Estimating Water-Cement Ratio

by B. Erlin and R.A. Campbell

Rapid Estimation of Water-Cementious Ratio and Chloride Ion Diffusivity in Hardened and Plastic Concrete by Resistivity Measurement

by K.A. MacDonald and D.O. Northwood

Laboratory and Field Evaluation of Nuclear Gage for Measurement of Water and Cement Content of Fresh Concrete

by D. Whitting and M. Nagi

Evaluation of Four Short-Term Methods for Determining Chloride Penetrability in Concrete

by K. Stanish, R.D. Hooten, and J.A. Bickley

Practical Quality Control Test Program for High-Performance Concrete in Precast Concrete Tunnel Liners


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