SP-179: Fourth CANMET/ACI/JCI Conference: Advances in Concrete Technology

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Editor: V.M. Malhotra


This Symposium Publication contains the proceedings of the Fourth CANMET/ACI/JCI International Conference held in Tokushima, Japan, in June 1998. Sixty-two refereed papers were accepted for presentation at this conference and for this publication.


Document Details

Publication Year: 1998

Pages: 1109

ISBN: 9780870316784

Categories: Concrete Technology

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents

-Preface by V.M. Malhotra

-Some Durability Considerations in the Design of the

Confederation Bridge by W.S. Langley, G. Forbes &

E. Tromposch

-High Volume Wastes Concrete (HVWC) by H. Uchikawa,

S. Hanehara & H. Hirao

-New Applications of Magnesium Phosphate Cements by

J. Pera & J. Ambroise

-Cracking Tendency of High Strength Lightweight Aggregate

Concrete at Early Ages by T.A. Hammer, O. Bjontegaard

& E.J. Sellevold

-Properties of High-Strength & High-Fluidity Lightweight

Concrete by K. Fujii, S. Adachi, M. Takeuchi, M. Kakizaki,

H. Edahiro, T. Inoue & Y. Yamamoto

-Rapid Testing Methods For Segregation Resistance &

Filling Ability of Self-Compacting Concrete by B.K. Van,

D.G. Montgomery, I. Hinczak & K. Turner

-Mechanical Properties, Drying, Shrinkage & Resistance

to Freezing & Thawing of Concrete Using recycled

Aggregate by T. Yamato, Y. Emoto & M. Soeda

-Properties & Application of Environmentally Friendly

Porous Concrete by M. Tamai & T. Matsukawa

-Properties & Performance of green Concrete by

K. Yanagibashi & T. Yonezawa

-Strength & Durability of Concrete Using Bottom Ash

as Replacement for Fine Aggregate by T. Bakoshi,

K. Kohno, S. Kawasaki & N. Yamaji

-Properties of High-Strength Poroud Concrete by

H. Fujiwara, R. Tomita, T. Okamoto, A. Dozono &

A. Obatake

-Shrinkage Reduction Type of Advanced Superplasticizer

by T. Sugiyama, A. Ohta & Y. Tanaka

-Experimental Investigation on Shrinkage & Creep of

High Strength Concrete at Early Ages by Y. Yang, M. Xu,

R. Sato & M. Tezuka

-Use of Water-Repellent Admixture to Improve Concrete

Performance by M. Shoya, S. Sugita, Y. Tsukinaga, M. Aba

& M. Ohba

-New Superplasticizers Based on Modified Melamine

Polymer by I. Torresan & R. Khurana

-Water Control Properties of Silane Treatment by Y. Kubo,

A. Hattori, T. Miyagawa & K. Hori

-Influence of the Sulfate Level in the Clinker Phase on the

Performance of Superplasticized Concretes by L. Coppola,

R. Troli, P. Zaffaroni & M. Collepardi

-Influence of Desalination on Behavior of Prestressing Steel

by T. Ueda, A. Hattori, T. Miyagawa, M. Fujii, S. Mizoguchi

& M. Ashida

-Effects of Protective Methods Against Salt Damage

for New Prestressed Concrete Bridge by Y. Takizawa

-Carbonation, Amount of Chloride Ion, & Corrosion of Steel

of Reinforced Concrete Builsings in Hanshin Region by

Y. Ohno & Y. Yamamoto

-Study of the Penetrating Process of Chloride Ions Into

Concrete by Y. Yamada, T. Oshiro & Y. Masuda

-Relationship Between Neutralization Depth &

Concentration Distribution of CaCo3 - Ca(OH)2 in

Carbonated Concrete by T. Fukushima, Y. Yoshizaki,

F. Tomosawa & K. Takahashi

-Application of High-Strength Concrete to Fill Tubular

Steel Columns by S. Kuroiwa, K. Kuroha, M. Hayakawa,

& K. Watanabe

-High-Performance Lightweight Concrete for the Precast

Prestressed Concrete Industry by F. Curcio, D. Galeota,

A. Gallo & M. Giammatteo

-Mixture Proportions of High-Strength & High-Fluidity

Lightweight Concrete by K. Fujii, M. Kakizaki, H. Edahiro,

Y. Unisuga & Y. Yamamoto

-High-Performance Concrete Mixture Proportioning by

K.G. Sobolev & S.V. Soboleva

-Punching Shear Resistance of High Strength Concrete

Flat Slabs Reinforced With Steel Fibers & Transverse

Reinforcement by J.B. DeHanai, & E.N. Zambrana Vargas

-Fireproof Concrete For Lining of Soak Pits by S.I.

Pavlenko, A.A. Permyakov & Yu N. Pronyakin

-Thermal Properties of High Strength Concrete at

Elevated Temperatures by V.K.R. Kodur & M. Sultan

-Basic Study on the New Testing Method of Judging the

Saturated Surface Dry Condition of Fine Aggregates

by A. Ueno, K. Kokubu & H. Ohga

-Method of Measuring Moisture Content in Concrete

With Small Stainless Steel Electrodes by N. Yuasa,

Y. Kasai & I. Matsui

-Application of Infrared Thermography Technique for

Evaluation of Cracks in Concrete Structures by

S. Nagataki, T. Kamada & A. Matsumoto

-Petrographic Diagnosis of Alkali-Aggregate Reaction

in Concrete Based on Quantitative EPMA Analysis

by T. Katayama

-Determination of the Apparent Activation Energy of

Concrete: Ea. Semi-Adiabatic Tests of Heat Development

by L. D'Aloia & G. Chanvillard

-Accelerated Testing of Chloride Diffusivity in Cement

Based Materials: New Test Operating Mode by A.B.

Ammar, J.M. Loche & P. Dumargue

-Effects of Specimen Preparation on the Properties of

Fresh & Hardened High Fluidity Concretes by H.

Tanenaka, M. Kakizaki, Y. Abe & M. Okada

-Self-Compacting Concrete With High-Volume Crushed

Rock Fines by A. Nishio, H. Tamura & M. Ohashi

-Study on Subsidence & Shrinkage of Super-Workable

Concrete by T. Ogasawara, H. Naito, T. Miura, T. Abe

& R. Ohmura

-Study on the Shrinkage Crack Resistance of Self-

Compacting Concrete by A. Yasumoto, Y. Edamatsu,

M. Mizukoshi & S. Nagaoka

-Shrinkage & Crack Propagation of Flowing Concrete

at Early Ages by S. Hiraishi, K. yokoyama & Y. Kasai

-Experimental Evaluation & Theoretical Simulation of

Self Compacting Concrete by the Modified Distinct

Element Method (MDEM) by H. Chu & A. Machida

-Investigation on Durability of High-Volume Fly Ash

Concrete by N. Kawaguchi, K. Kohno, Y. Kurose &

T. Bakoshi

-Evaluation of the Setting Shrinkage of MMA Polymer

Concrete by A. Kawamura, M. Kuromoto & T. Iwai

-Studies of Polymer Cement Mortar for use as Permanent

Forms by K. Horii, T. Tsutsuzaki & K. Kohno

-Developments in Automated Production Application

Systems for Polymer Concrete by D. Van Gemert &

K.U. Leuven

-Performance of Solid Concrete Pavers Under Freeze-

Thaw & Deicing Salt Environments of Newly Adopted

ASTM C 1262 Test Method by N. Ghafoori & S. Kassel

-Freezing & Thawing Resistance of Lightweight Aggregate

Concrete by E. Fujiki, K. Kokubu, T. Hosaka, T. Umehara

& N. Talaha

-Effects of Curing Methods in Cold regions on Strength of

Concrete Incorporating Ground Granulated Blast Furnace

Slag by T. Miura & I. Iwaki

-Effectiveness of Partially Cooling System for Massive

Concrete Structures by M. Eto, K. maruyama & S. Ono

-Effect of Curing Temperature on the Strength &

Performance Properties of Concrete by J.G. Cabrera

& B.A. Gaafar

-FEM Pressure Estimation of Confined Expansive

Concrete by K. Yamada, T. Harada, K. Soeda &

A. Watanabe

-Porous Concrete for Underwater Organisms in a

River by K. Sakai, K. Shindoh & M. Atohda

-Study on Delayed Deformation of an Ultra High

Strength Cementitious Material by A. Loukili, P.

Richard & J. Lamirault

-Study on Wood Chip Concrete With Used Timber

by Y. Kasai, M. Kawamura & J.D. Zhou

-New Accelerated Leaching Experiment: The Lift

Procedure by J. le Marechal, B. Gerard, J. Marchand,

J. Ph. Gagnon & O. Didry

-Effects of Placement Interval of High-Fluidity Concretes

by K. Fujii, T. Kemi, G. Shimizu, M. Sakuta & Y. Unisuga

-Pull-Out behavior of High Yield Strength Steel Deformed

Bars Embedded in High Strength Concrete by M. Lorrain

& O. Maurel

-Advances in Evaluation of Lignosulphonates as Concrete

Admixtures by J. Zhor & T.W. Bremner

-Effect of Temperature & Relative Humidity on Concrete

Creep & Shrinkage by K. Sakata & T. Ayano

-Freezing & Thawing Resistance of High Slag Content

Concrete J. Nakamoto, K. Togawa, T. Miyagawa, M. Fujii

& S. Nagaoka

-Application of Recycled Concrete for Structural Concrete:

Experimental Study on the Quality of Recycled Aggregate

& Recycled Aggregate Concrete by Y. Dosho, M. kikuchi,

M. Narikawa, A. Ohshima, A. Koyama & T. Miura

-Convention Factors



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