SP-177: Ettringite, the Sometimes Host of Destruction

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Editor: Bernard Erlin


Delayed Ettringite Formation (DEF), a form of internal sulfate attack, is a subject of considerable current interest and concern, as well as of controversy. In such an atmosphere, it is not surprising that conflicting data and interpretations were presented, and, as a consequence, some of them cannot be corrected. This volume presents 16 papers of varying viewpoints and interpretation in hopes of stimulating thinking and additional research and possibly help in the process of developing a sounder scientific understanding of the DEF phenomena.


Document Details

Publication Year: 1999

Pages: 265

ISBN: 9780870316760

Categories: Durability

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents

- Present State of Investigation on Damaging Late Ettringite Formation (DLEF) in Mortars & Concretes by D. Heinz, M. Kalade, and I. Ruediger

- Solubility of Sulfates in High So3 Clinkers by V. Michaud and R. Suderman

- Influence of Cement Composition on Volume Stability of Mortar by S. Kelham

- Heat Curing and Late Formation of Ettringite by V. Johansen and N. Thaulow

- Review of Ettringite-Monophase Relationships in Portland Cement Systems by H. Y. Ghorab

- Internal Sulfate Attack: Distress Mechanism at Ambient and Elevated Temperatures? By W. Klemm and F.M. Miller

- Effect of Heat Curing on Expansion of Mortars and Composition of Calcium Silicate Hydrate Gel by K.L. Scrivener and M.C. Lewis

- Long-Term Expansion of Mortars and Concretes by C.D. Lawrence

- Ettringite Formation in Hardened Concrete and Resulting Destruction by J. Stark and K. Seyfarth

- Prenature Concrete Deterioration in Texas Department of Transportation Precast Elements by B.L. Lawrence, J.J. Myers and R.L. Carrasquillo

- Expansion and Cracking in Concrete Associated with Delayed Ettringite Formation by D.W. Hobbs

- Laboratory and Field Examination of Ettringite Formation in Pavement Concrete by J. Stark and K. Bollmann

- Delayed Ettringite Formation: Many Questions and Some Answers by W.G. Hime and S.L. Marusin

- Influence of C3A Content of Cement on Frost and Scaling Resistance of Concrete by J. Stark and H.M. Ludwig

- Effect of Sulfates in Concrete on its resistance to Freezing and Thawing by R.J. Detwiler and L.J. Powers-Couche

- Effect of Infilling od Air Voids by Ettringite on Resistance of Concretes to Freezing and Thawing by C. Ouyang and O.J. Lane


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