SP-176: High-Strength Concrete in Seismic Regions

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Editors: Catherine French, Michael Kreger


In May of 1993, approximately twenty researchers and five representatives from construction firms met in Kyoto, Japan, for the First Multilateral Meeting on Structural Performance of High-Strength Concrete in Seismic Regions. Four countries (United States, Japan, New Zealand, and Australia) were representated at the meeting. The 3-day meeting divided into eight sessions covering current research programs and applications of high-strength concrete in the respective countries. The objectives of the meeting were to exchange information and to develop a coordinated program for further information exchange, evaluation of information, and development of design guidelines for the use of high-strength concrete in seismic regions.

The follow-up meeting was held in November 1994 in Honolulu, Hawaii, and was attended by twenty seven participants from the US, Japan, Canada, New Zealand and Hong Kong. The Second Multilateral Meeting on Structural Performance of High-Strength Concrete in Seismic Regions consisted of thirteen sessions. Six of the sessions concentrated on the following behavioral topics: bond and anchorage, confinement, flexural members, axially-loaded members (columns and walls), beam-column joints, and shear and torsion. An additional session was devoted to presentation and discussion of design concepts and applications of high-strength concrete (HSC) in seismic regions. The remaining six sessions consisted of large and small working group sessions. During the small group sessions, participants were divided into groups of five to ten members to discuss the results of the previous sessions. Summaries of the small working group were then presented to the entire group fro additional comments and conclusion during the large working group sessions.

This ACI Symposium Publication comprises selected papers which were the outcome of the Second Multilateral Meeting on Structural Performance of High-Strength Concrete in Seismic Regions. The working group discussion summaries are also included in this special publication. The editors are appreciative of the eforts of the authors and reviewers of these papers. The cooperation of the authors in the careful revision of their papers in accordance with the reviewers' comments is greatly appreciated.

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Document Details

Publication Year: 1998

Pages: 471

ISBN: 9780870316753

Categories: High Performance Concrete

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents

-Bond and Development of Steel Reinforcement in High-Strength

Concrete - An Overview by S.L. McCabe

-Bond and Anchorage of Reinforcement in High-Strength Concrete

by S. Fujii, H. Noguchi, and S. Morita

-Bond and Anchorage of Reinforcement in Concrete - New

Zealand Code Provisions by D. Bull

-Confinement of High-Strength Concrete for Seismic Performance

by S.K. Ghosh

-Confined Concrete with High-Strength Materials by D. Kato,

F. Watanabe, M. Nishiyama, and H. Sato

-Confinement of High-Strength Concrete by M. Saatcioglu,

P. Paultre and S.K. Ghosh

-Effect of High-Strength Concrete (HSC) on Flexural Members

by C.J. Fasching and C.W. French

-Reliability of Load-Deformation Estimate For High-Strength

Reinforced Concrete Beams by S. Otani and S. Nagai

-Effects of Increasing Concrete Strength on the Domension

of Beams by H.J. Pam, H. Tanaka and R. Park

-Performance of High-Strength Concrete (HSC) Columns

Confined with Rectilinear Reinforcement by A. Azizinamini

and M. Saatcioglu

-Flexural Strength and Ductility of High-Strength Concrete

Columns by R. Park, H. Tanaka and B. Li

-Behavioral and Design of High-Strength RC Walls by

J.W. Wallace

-Tests and Analysis of High-Strength Reinforced Concrete

Shear Walls in Japan by T. Kabeyasawa and H. Huraishi

-Evaluation of U.S. Shear Strength Provisions for Design

of Beam-Column Connections Constructed with High-

Strength Concrete by E.I. saqan and M.E. Kreger

-Shear Strength of Beam-Column Joints with High-Strength

Materials by H. Noguchi, S. Fujii and M. Teraoka

-High-Strength Concrete Beam-Column Joints of Moment

Resisting Frames by R. Park, H. Tanaka and X.Z. Xin

-Shear Strength of RC Members with High-Strength Concrete

by F. Watanabe and T. Kabeyasawa

-Application of High-Strength Concrete in Seismic Regions

by L.A. Wyllie, Jr.

-New RC Design Guidelines for High-Rise Reinforced

Concrete Buildings Using High-Strength Materials

by S. Otani, M. Teshigawara, M. Murakami and T. Okada

-Design Concepts and Applications of High-Strength

Concrete in new Zealand by D. Bull

-Design Appliactions of High-Stgrength Concrete in

Seismic Regions by P. Mendis

-Bond and Anchorage of Reinforcement in HSC:

Discussions Summary

-Confinement: Discussion Summary

-Flexural Members (Beams): Discussion Summary

-Axially Loaded Members (Columns): Discussion Summary

-Axially Loaded members (Walls): Discussion Summary

-Beam-Column Joints: Discussion Summary

-Shear and Torsion: Discussion Summary

-Design Concepts / Applications: Discussion Summary


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